Anniversary Dinner – The Stone House, Montrose, Co

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This past Wednesday was our 25th wedding Anniversary.  We are staying in a cabin in Crawford, Co a really small quiet town with access to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  The Black Canyon and Curecanti National Parks are one of the least visited parks in the National Park system, but they are worth taking the time to see and enjoy.  If you are looking for a gem that is less touristy, less traveled, less busy and more out of the way this is a great area.

For our anniversary, we decided to take the advice of people in the area to go to a special restaurant with a really good reputation.  I think if you want to know what’s local and delicious, ask around and they’ll tell you where they’ve had a good experience, so you aren’t taking chances.  The Stone House in Montrose was suggested over and over.  It’s on one of the main roads right across from Walmart.  We were also told it’s pricey, but worth the trip.

So after a day of the South Rim (Black Canyon) – We drove into Montrose – not on the way, but we weren’t close to home anyway and found the Stone House.  We worried that in shorts and tees we might be under dressed at such a nice looking establishment, but as it says on their website, casual or dressy  and we did fit in.

Since it was a Wednesday, it wasn’t overly busy, and no wait.  We were greeted at the door by a hostess and after offered the choice between booth and table, we were seated in a very nice booth. The decor is mostly dark wood with light walls and a big stone fireplace. We were surprised that though the temps were in the 90’s there was a fire in that fireplace.

The waiter was very attentive and friendly.  The bussers kept the tables clean and the glasses filled – though please let the waterglass go a little longer.  My glass would be only a quarter down before they refilled it.

The food was delicious.  The rolls are fantastic, thick and doughy – and good. For an appetizer, my husband and I shared avocado rolls.  A nice piece of Avocado surrounded by sundried tomatoes and sweet red pepper rolled in wonton wrappers and deep fried with sweet chili asian sauce for dipping.  I liked the little bite of heat and sweetness along with the creaminess of the avocado and the wonton wrappers were very light.

Our salads were decent – all of the dressings are handmade on site.  We both had a citrus vinaigrette.  The salads were good house salads, plenty to eat, different greens, tomatoes and cucumbers along with croutons.

I think for the main course, I fared better than my husband though he was pleased with his meal. I ordered the Steak Romano.  When in Cow Country, eat steak, right?  My Steak was perfectly cooked to a medium – pink inside, charbroiled outside, and perfectly seasoned. It had a really delicious bordelaise sauce and topped with romano cheese.  On top of that were three large luscious grilled shrimp.  The steak had herb roasted potatoes – covered with plenty of herbs, just the way I like it and on the side were stringbeans.

My husband had the Chipotle Citrus Walleye.  The fish was very tasty and flaky, though the mandarins should be more room temperature, they were a little cold on top of the warm fish, I  think.  It was served with herbed rice – a rice mixture with peppers and onions – but I believe the rice was cooked with just a tad too much liquid.  I prefer my rice to have a little more texture to it.  He also had stringbeans as the seasonal vegetable.

My husband was able to finish his portion, but I brought some of mine home. I wished though that the guy who packed my leftover steak had scraped every bit of bordelaise sauce on top and was disappointed that it was missing from my box.

We couldn’t eat dessert, we were too full – but it was our 25th anniversary! so we asked for desserts to go and the waiter comped half of one dessert for our anniversary gift.  This time though, the desserts had the trimmings in the box along with the desserts themselves.  Wednesday night we could only taste a bite, but last night we were in happyland eating the sweet treats after dinner.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Stone House in Montrose, CO for your special dinner.  It is pricey, not something we can afford for every meal, but special occasions demand special places and this is one of those.



Disclosure – This is not a sponsored or paid for review, this is my own opinion and I received nothing for it.



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