Barbecued Beef Chuck Short Ribs – A Nice Treat That You Don’t Want to Share

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GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA           The kids would have loved these ribs – if they were home, but we didn’t want to share, so we had them tonight when they were out.  Does it sound terrible that we save some of our favorite things for nights when they’re out?  Evenings together should be memorable, and delicious, not just sandwich night.  Plus, if I put in the effort, my husband does the pots and pans, how cool is that?  That’s not to say I spent all day on these ribs because I didn’t.  These were precooked cryo-vac ribs in a barbecue sauce.  Throw them in a pot of water still sealed for an hour and they are done. 

The barbecued ribs were so soft and tender, melt in your mouth delicious. I told my husband that we were probably way over our limit in portion size and could have shared it a little, but as we scarfed it down, we didn’t really care. I made  campanelle and pancetta in a smoky goat cheese, and cooked up some orange cauliflower that I froze at the end of the summer.  I usually don’t go this far when it’s just us, but my kids are growing up, so I had better get used to meals for two.

The Barbecued Beef Chuck Short Ribs came from U.S. Wellness Meats

A short background on the company:

U.S. Wellness Meats founder and fifth-generation farmer John Wood was farming the conventional way until a holistic land management seminar showed him the light.  Trusting that there was something to this “natural” thing, he raised his first all-forage, grass-fed cow in 1997. The resulting meat was more delicious and healthier than any beef he’d ever encountered:  high in omega-3s and Vitamin A and low in fat and bad cholesterol.  And though raising beef will never be as sustainable as carrot farming, USWM uses holistic farming techniques that use natural/seasonal growth cycles to raise their animals.  We think of USWM meats as a product of the “solar-powered cow.” (The sun feeds the grass which feeds the cow which feeds the, well, you get it.)  The meat is free from hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives and additives.

I can tell you these ribs were out of this world good.  U.S. Wellness meats is a mail order company, you order it online, then it’s delivered in a styrofoam cooler to your door.  This way the meat isn’t sitting around a freezer case in a store, it’s direct from them to you.  This makes a great holiday gift, especially someone who works all day and wants a no fuss delicious meal without the mess.  If you go visiting, you can send a thank you for letting me sleep on your couch gift, or if you are far away from your mom, or your kids who could use a little help, this would be a great treat. 

U.S. Wellness has a faq page, that I visited and was interested in finding out why they weren’t certified organic.  This was their response:

Are you certified organic? Why not?
All U.S. Wellness Meats pastures and animals have been maintained with organic principles in mind since 2000. Unfortunately, the state of Missouri dropped a state-run organic-certification program and turned it over to a private certifier several years ago. The private certifier wanted 3% of the gross income of the preceding year to maintain the license. We politely said no, and felt if Thomas Jefferson were still alive he would concur.

Interesting, huh?

My side dishes used a smoky cheddar goat cheese that I got from U.S. Wellness Meats to try out also.  They have all different types of meats including things like lamb oysters – betcha didn’t know where you could find them.  Plus U.S.Wellness Meats has cheeses, and soaps and candles made with tallow.  It’s worth investigating.


Disclosure: U.S. Wellness Sent me the Meat and Cheeses to review.  I gave my honest opinon.  That’s it.

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