Consistency is the Goal for the New Year

January 1, 2014 - Written by Diana

Happy New Year!  I’m going to start the year off, by telling you about my last year and why my goal this year is to be consistent.

Last year, I decided to get back on the exercise bandwagon.  I wanted to get back into decent shape, but I’m not big on diets.  In fact, I am a hater when it comes to the diet word.  I’m a believer in moderation in everything.  Food should taste good, should sustain you and should not make you feel like you are starving, or denying yourself – that’s how I feel anyway.  I do not sit in judgement on food others are eating, I’m not going on the lecture circuit about what a person can or can not eat. Each person must decide for themselves along with their doctors what they can and can not do.  My husband is on a low sodium diet, and so my food sometimes centers around that, but it is our journey, and you can modify to suit your needs. We are in our 50s, and have lower caloric needs than someone who is more active or has a higher metabolism. So our goal is to be consistent in our food choices, based on our needs. (more…)

Cookerati Alert

January 13, 2013 - Written by Diana

Dear Readers,

Today I have been receiving emails and comments on a Cookerati post of 2011 for a Jennie-O coupon giveaway.  There is an ad in a newspaper referring to this old post.  It is not my ad, and the contest has been over for more than a year.

There are some coupons on Facebook right now – that I’ve posted a link to on the Cookerati Facebook Page. I’ve sent an email to the Jennie-O PR people I worked with previously to see if I can figure out what is going on.

I apologize for the confusion.  If you have any information – like where you’ve seen the ad drop me a line.






Update – the newpaper ad was confusing to many people but referred to the Jennie-O Facebook Page.  Anyone who did a search and found the old contest and giveaway may have thought that it originated here, I’m sorry to say it did not. I’m happy to have new visitors even if by accident.  There’s a link to the Jennie-O coupons on Cookerati’s Facebook page.  I hope that’s what you were looking for.


Circleville Pumpkin Show

October 27, 2012 - Written by Diana

Last Friday after work we took a quick jaunt down to the Circleville Pumpkin Show.  It’s a big street festival in Circleville, Ohio the third week in October.  It officially runs 4 days, Wednesday through Saturday, but there is a preview day on Tuesday and Sunday is clean up time. We didn’t grow up in Pickaway County Ohio, so our first trip happened after we moved in over 20 years ago.  The kids loved the rides, and then when their artwork that they made in school was posted on the wall in the Art Exhibit, of course we went in and searched and found it.  My daughter was in middle school,  when she and some friends encouraged by the art teacher made a scarecrow man and entered it in the Home Arts show.  Middle school was when they marched in the parade with the band and it continued through High School.  We’ve photographed and videotaped the band, worked for the boosters when they had a booster trailer serving chicken and noodles and every year we find pumpkin things to eat.  The kids are grown, and don’t come with us but I still have my favorite things.


Pumpkin Pie Ribbons





Potato Chip Blossoms

Potato Chip Blossoms



Prettiest Decorated CakePainted PumpkinsPumpkin artwork



Quilt Wall Hanging



Most Original Cake - Pumpkin Show


*These photos belong to Diana & Mark Hayes.


Dining Suggestions for Delta County, Colorado

July 5, 2012 - Written by Diana

Since we spent ten days in Crawford Colorado, we ate out a few times and found a few gems.  If you are on the Delta County side of the Black Canyon, or you are visiting the Crawford Campground or Needle Rock (we had a view from our cabin), then here are some places you can visit for dinner.  Vagabond is right in Crawford itself, the other suggestions are a little further away.  If you are closer to the south rim and Montrose, then see my anniversary dinner post for a pricey but very exceptional place to go – The Stone House.

The best food for the money in my opinion is a restaurant right on 92, called The Vagabond.  It’s a smaller scale restaurant, with the owner being the chef and the manager. One of our visits we were the only ones in there and he stopped to talk. The menu is limited, but there is a specials board when you come in that changes each day.  I love this part a lot because it adds to the anticipation to see what is going to be on the board that day.   The days we were there, there was different mixed grills with pasta.  All of the sauces are hand made, the vegetables are fresh.  We had a salad the first time with tomatoes that must have come right off the vine, they were so good.  His dressings are hand made.  For lunch we had a salad, and a nice portion.  For dinner, it came with this great appetizer of grilled veggies and sausage, plus garlic bread, a salad with chopped greens, chickpeas, mushrooms, olives and parmesan cheese plus a full size dinner portion.  All for a reasonable price.  Lunches about 7.00 and Dinner 11 – 15. 00.  We didn’t have room for dessert, though I hear his spumoni is to die for.  The waitresses were great, friendly, chatty and gave us suggestions about the area.  This is really a good deal. Also, if you are into it, he will teach classes in your home or the restaurant.  It sounds like a fun thing to do if you have a bunch of friends and you want to learn some techniques.

If you are traveling the wine tour, and you want some really fantastic food, and you’re also okay with a fantastic price try the Flying Fork Cafe and Bakery in Paonia.  This restaurant was recommended to us by the local policeman who pulled our rental car over for having only one license plate.  Since we were hungry, we asked for a recommendation and he said that there are good spots in town, but if you can afford it, the Flying Fork is the way to go.  (We were pulled over near it, I wonder if he gets a discount?) This is fine dining the local way using locally grown ingredients –  They have a lovely outdoor garden, or you can sit inside the restaurant, napkins are not only cloth and folded, they have the creases ironed in – this is serious fine dining and the food is seriously fine as well.  Homemade dressings here but the salads are upscale with pancetta and imported cheese.  I had the Lamb Shank that was to die for, it was so good.  The mashed potatoes were delicious, but not enough for how big the shank was and I ran out quickly.  The red wine reduction – thick and tasty, sigh, I could use more.

If you are looking for breakfast or coffee, head straight into Hotchkiss to the Coal Train Coffee House, it’s worth the drive.  Hotchkiss is on 92 also, but a little ways out of Crawford in the opposite direction from the Black Canyon. They have fairtrade organic coffee and they know how to make it right.  The owner makes quiches, burritos, pastries and other breakfast items.  The asparagus bacon quiche was so creamy and delicious.  They have sandwiches, salads and smoothies on their menus also and a meeting room for use. The hours are limited – Not on Sunday and only until 4 during the week but it was a good place to stop for coffee especially on the way to the airport in Grand Junction.

The last place is a fast food place in Delta.  While we were in Delta we were looking for a small quick place to eat and came upon Don Gilberto’s – a Mexican food place.  The food was good, the portions were big.  They had breakfast burritos any time of day – which my husband ordered.  There seemed to be one cook, and one person taking orders.  There were sauces that you could add in a self serve area , though they they had lids, the lids weren’t on correctly, and there were a couple of flies so I avoided them.  The ceiling needs to be tended to, as it isn’t very pretty to look at and the floors a little dusty, but we were in the desert – so I don’t know if that’s normal or not.  My feet spent every day dusty when we were in Colorado but it was sparsely decorated, so I noticed. The price is pretty inexpensive for the portion size.  It was good for fast food.

I was pretty impressed with the places we went to  – even though we were staying in an out of the way place.  We went to The Vagabond twice, and the Coal Train twice, but the others only once because they were more off the beaten path for us. There’s something around to suit your dining needs.

Fireworks Pancakes for the Fourth

July 4, 2012 - Written by Diana

I have a friend, Gailann who does freehand pancake designs for her family on special holidays that are always so neat.  Today she made fireworks pancakes – aren’t they cool?



She fills squeeze bottles with the different colored batter and goes at it.  Love it. She says they’re hard to flip – go low and slow, and don’t use oil, use a non-stick or they get greasy.  Enjoy your Fourth.  We are just hanging inside since it is so darn hot and we’re still recovering from travel. What are you doing?  Did you make fireworks pancakes.

Anniversary Dinner – The Stone House, Montrose, Co

June 29, 2012 - Written by Diana

This past Wednesday was our 25th wedding Anniversary.  We are staying in a cabin in Crawford, Co a really small quiet town with access to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  The Black Canyon and Curecanti National Parks are one of the least visited parks in the National Park system, but they are worth taking the time to see and enjoy.  If you are looking for a gem that is less touristy, less traveled, less busy and more out of the way this is a great area.

For our anniversary, we decided to take the advice of people in the area to go to a special restaurant with a really good reputation.  I think if you want to know what’s local and delicious, ask around and they’ll tell you where they’ve had a good experience, so you aren’t taking chances.  The Stone House in Montrose was suggested over and over.  It’s on one of the main roads right across from Walmart.  We were also told it’s pricey, but worth the trip.

So after a day of the South Rim (Black Canyon) – We drove into Montrose – not on the way, but we weren’t close to home anyway and found the Stone House.  We worried that in shorts and tees we might be under dressed at such a nice looking establishment, but as it says on their website, casual or dressy  and we did fit in.

Since it was a Wednesday, it wasn’t overly busy, and no wait.  We were greeted at the door by a hostess and after offered the choice between booth and table, we were seated in a very nice booth. The decor is mostly dark wood with light walls and a big stone fireplace. We were surprised that though the temps were in the 90’s there was a fire in that fireplace.

The waiter was very attentive and friendly.  The bussers kept the tables clean and the glasses filled – though please let the waterglass go a little longer.  My glass would be only a quarter down before they refilled it.

The food was delicious.  The rolls are fantastic, thick and doughy – and good. For an appetizer, my husband and I shared avocado rolls.  A nice piece of Avocado surrounded by sundried tomatoes and sweet red pepper rolled in wonton wrappers and deep fried with sweet chili asian sauce for dipping.  I liked the little bite of heat and sweetness along with the creaminess of the avocado and the wonton wrappers were very light.

Our salads were decent – all of the dressings are handmade on site.  We both had a citrus vinaigrette.  The salads were good house salads, plenty to eat, different greens, tomatoes and cucumbers along with croutons.

I think for the main course, I fared better than my husband though he was pleased with his meal. I ordered the Steak Romano.  When in Cow Country, eat steak, right?  My Steak was perfectly cooked to a medium – pink inside, charbroiled outside, and perfectly seasoned. It had a really delicious bordelaise sauce and topped with romano cheese.  On top of that were three large luscious grilled shrimp.  The steak had herb roasted potatoes – covered with plenty of herbs, just the way I like it and on the side were stringbeans.

My husband had the Chipotle Citrus Walleye.  The fish was very tasty and flaky, though the mandarins should be more room temperature, they were a little cold on top of the warm fish, I  think.  It was served with herbed rice – a rice mixture with peppers and onions – but I believe the rice was cooked with just a tad too much liquid.  I prefer my rice to have a little more texture to it.  He also had stringbeans as the seasonal vegetable.

My husband was able to finish his portion, but I brought some of mine home. I wished though that the guy who packed my leftover steak had scraped every bit of bordelaise sauce on top and was disappointed that it was missing from my box.

We couldn’t eat dessert, we were too full – but it was our 25th anniversary! so we asked for desserts to go and the waiter comped half of one dessert for our anniversary gift.  This time though, the desserts had the trimmings in the box along with the desserts themselves.  Wednesday night we could only taste a bite, but last night we were in happyland eating the sweet treats after dinner.

I wholeheartedly recommend The Stone House in Montrose, CO for your special dinner.  It is pricey, not something we can afford for every meal, but special occasions demand special places and this is one of those.



Disclosure – This is not a sponsored or paid for review, this is my own opinion and I received nothing for it.



Nidhi’s Necklace

May 21, 2012 - Written by Diana

This morning I’m participating in a blog swap with Ohio Blogging Association’s All State Blog Swap, so today’s post is by Nidhi of Nidhi’s Nidhizzle. On this day, bloggers from around the great state of Ohio are guest posting on one another blogs as a way to help to get one another in our blogging community.  (Here’s a full listing of blog participants.)

Nidhi has some fantastic ideas for re-making old things into something totally unrelated and new again.  She’s showing us how to make a cute necklace – a cool way to accessorize for dinner out.

Introducing Nidhi:

Hi, I’m Nidhi from nidhizzle.com. I write about arts&crafts normally, so I’m going to give you a “recipe” of how to make a necklace from parts you have lying around your house! That is, if you have jewelry parts just lying around your house. Actually, if you’re not a regular crafter, you probably don’t have any jewelry parts just lying around your house. So you might have to buy some ingredients.
Start out with your ingredients.
Thin Gold Chain, like you’re about to go fist pumping but only a little bit. As long as you want it.
Embroidery Thread, like you’re about to embroider something but remember you hate embroidering
Necklace Clasps, not sure if that’s the name but that’s what’s in that blurry plastic baggie
Plastic Jewel Beads, I used green and clear but you can use whatever color you feel like obviously. JK. You have to use green and clear, otherwise the recipe won’t turn out perfectly!!


Start by threading your thread through the gold chain. Ok, you don’t really have to use a gold chain. You could have totally used silver. Tie a knot (but not the knot) around the gold chain so it’s seat belt securely fastened.



Put all your beads on the thread and tie a knot at the other end. Then, realize that you accidentally have created a necklace that you can’t fit around your head and must figure out a way to wear it.


Chop the gold chain in half and attach the necklace clasp things. That part was a little blurry to me since I’m particularly terrible at attaching clasp things. But somehow, I managed to make it work like I was one of Tim Gunn’s mentees. You can too!


Sit in your kitchen wearing your jammies and your necklace for 20 minutes because you forgot to take off the necklace. Oops. Oh well. At least you looked fabulously accessorized!


Thanks for reading!


Hubert’s Polish Kitchen

May 2, 2012 - Written by Diana

Last week my husband and I were at the North Market, and decided to pick up dinner.  We were leaving town for a family function and thought we’d get enough for leftovers, that way my son would have dinner for a few nights.  Hubert’s Polish Kitchen was a new for us place to try.  It’s right across from the Greek Stall we normally go to.  I wanted something different, to change it up, so we went to the Polish Kitchen.

We got all of our food to go, and brought it home to share with our son.  I want to tell you that the stall clerk who sold us the food was helpful with  letting us know what foods to pair together, and how to serve it, as well as describing what it was we were looking at, and whether it was spicy or not.  She was very pleasant and patient while we asked questions. We went home with containers of food, we bought more than a normal share, but we wanted to try a bunch of different foods.  I have to say we opened the food containers, dished it out onto our plates and then started gobbling – really gobbling.

We were blown away by the red cabbage slaw.  It almost had a floral quality to it.  My husband felt the same way, amazed at how sweet, and flowery it tasted.  The mashed potatoes are the best I’ve ever had.  I like mashed potatoes and though I think anyone can do an adequate job, these were way above average.  The roasted chicken was delicious also.  My husband is a roasted chicken and mashed potato fan and he was in heaven.

As much as he loves chicken and roast potatoes, he’s not a big fan of onions.  The shish kebabs were our least favorite.  I wasn’t impressed with the thin spicy chicken surrounded by onion, with a few other vegetables.  It was suggested that we use ketchup and mustard with the shish kebabs, but I like mine meatier and juicier.  For the piece d’resistance -mielone with leczo sauce.  It’s a chicken croquette – and includes veggies and cheese inside along with ground chicken and then breaded and fried. We just asked for the croquettes, but the stall clerk suggested the leczo sauce, which was perfect over top.  It reminded me of goulash from my growing up days.

I asked about pierogies, which they were out of, but they did have a sign up about blueberry pierogies and we took a bunch of those home.  I forgot about them, and when we came home from our trip my son let us know that it was like eating blueberry pancakes – with all of the blueberries inside.  There were a few leftover that my husband and I tried and they make a tasty dessert pierogie.

I recommend Hubert’s Polish Kitchen – Get the mashed potatoes!!! This is not a paid review, this is my own opinion, and I will go there again.


Ben & Jerry’s Blogger Visit and Free Pint Giveaway

April 1, 2012 - Written by Diana

With free scoop day looming ( April 3, 2012) – I thinks it’s time for me to tell you about my recent trip to visit Ben & Jerry’s headquarters  in Burlington, Vt.  Two nights, 1 1/2 half days for a whirlwind tour and blogger gathering with staff of Ben and Jerry’s led by the two man (or one man, one woman ) Ben and Jerry’s pr team-Sean  Greenwood and Liz Stewart- along with Kevin Flight from Cone.

They flew us into Burlington and paid for all expenses including the hotel.  Kevin and Liz ferried us around from event to event with Sean joining us.  We had an inkling that there would be a tour and a chance to design ice cream, but not much more information than that- the emails were kind of vague.  I think we all went with a wing and a prayer hoping it would work out well for all of us.  This was my first sponsored trip, it was tons of fun, mixed in with more than an overview of their value added business and an overload of ice cream.

We were taken to  dinner at American Flatbreads where we shared pizzas and salads.  The talk was an intro to who they are, what they do, and there was a discussion of our favorite brands.  Just so you know-  I threw Graeters and Jeni’s into the mix because those are two Ohio brands that are have a following outside of the state.  I also asked about the rumor on the Greek Frozen Yogurt  and got their standard – We can not at this time confirm or deny ….yada yada yada….  After dinner we walked down Church St, a very cool street with no vehicle access, with lots of neat shops and pretty lights to get to the Ben and Jerry’s Scoop Shop.  At this point the shop was closed for the evening but we were all way too full to partake of any ice cream.  We did get a nice view of the neat decor with rustic floors.
I should add that when we checked into our hotel we had a Ben & Jerry’s swag bag with nice little gifts like a cool apron, eco-friendly reusable water bottle, ice cream container lock ( to keep your ice cream safe from your teens), and a folder with a nice write up of company info.

Our very full day started with a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip mint while we watched a small overview of the B&J business.  Then the factory tour.  You aren’t in the factory itself, but in a hallway full of windows looking down on to the production floor.  The operation was much smaller than I expected with a national brand. From there we detoured into a special blogger offshoot into a tasting room.  Really cool in that we were able to talk with Laure and Nate about what goes into their quality control testing.  We learned that no matter what flavor was favorite, right off the line made it best.  We also had a chance to do a taste comparison against a rival brand, Ben and Jerry’s won though truthfully it was a non-scientific test since we knew the other brand. Pistachio Pistachio – right off the line was my favorite ice cream .To be fair, it is one of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice creams with whole pistachios.

Laure and Nate went through all the different testing :      

Laure and Nate also talked about their work environment.  They were working OT right then because of something coming up (Greek Yogurt – however they didn’t mention it by name …. hmmm) but Laure mentioned that she was good with that since she just had two whole weeks off at Christmas time.  They both loved working there, and they liked that Ben& Jerry’s promotes Community Action – part of the Social portion of the three pronged business statement of Ben & Jerry’s.

From there a quick trip up a slippery slope to the flavor graveyard to see the headstones of the flavors that didn’t last.  Fun note:  there was a car with just married painted on it.  Sean left some coupons for free ice cream under the windshield wiper as a gift…awww!!

We had a working lunch subs and salads provided and met the Unilever director from Norway, Jostein Solheim.  He gave us an overview of how he ended up in the US and why Unilever was a good match for the Ben & Jerry brand.  Unilever gives Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the autonomy to use their name and follow the causes they support while the company runs the business end.  Unilever can help the company with its resources to help a small company compete globally and agrees to be value added by allowing their workers community service days and working to make the company environmentally advanced with its global reach.  Ben and Jerry represent the brand and still take part in the decision making but not in the day to day operations of  the business.

We had a meeting with the marketing team, the  social media gurus and the web guys. They talked us through some of their ad campaigns including Colbert’s Americone’s Dream, Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack (a family favorite), Dave Matthew’s Band’s Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies and the Target volunteerism brand.  We heard all about the first Ben & Jerry’s Cowmobile – used for a cross country trip to give out free ice cream and burnt to the ground outside Cleveland.  This summer their plans involve tweeting (@Benandjerrys) locations from another ice cream mobile and giving out more free ice cream, but not in Ohio this time.

Interesting point – I don’t meet their core market which has an upper limit of 44.  However I get the part that it’s people without kids, because now that my kids are grown we’ll spend more money on the higher quality ice cream  instead of going for quantity of cheap stuff.  Kids snarf the good stuff way too fast.

Discussion points were Social Programs, Community Action teams and the Environment teams.  There is so much more to Ben & Jerry’s than just a brand name.

This was a great break from the sit down meetings, the power points and videos. This was a chance to be the person behind the counter. We had scoop lessons from Amanda (the Scoop U Dean) – learning how to perfect the three ounce scoop which seriously folks I must reveal that I never mastered. The scoop is a down and over in a l-shped pattern, one scoop for a chid dish or baby cone and two scoops on a regular cone or dish. We were able to sample all of the scoop flavors – including the new greek yogurt flavors. We had a relaxing little blast of fun and then they hit us with a surprise – we were going to scoop for the office. We did our best to keep the line moving though there was an issue when Roberto’s waffle cone broke and we were trying to move it to another cone – not a good idea.  Don’t improvise, do it over, it’s important to give out a quality product. Two of the coolest parts:  there were some guys from the EU filming for fair trade ( Ben & Jerry are aiming for all fair trade ingredients), so maybe we’re in a french foreign film ( HAH!!)  and Sean brought out the harmonica and played while we scooped- it was a very cool moment.

More fun when we were brought to meet the flavor team of Kristen and John.  We had a nice talk about coming up with flavors and flavor names, and what works.  Then the good stuff.  They have a smaller kitchen lab set up where they use a soft serve to try out different combinations by adding flavor to the base, creating variagels for a swirl and adding fruit or candy bits.  The team came up with three flavor combinations using the greek yogurt base and other ingredients they had on hand.  The first was a honey greek yogurt base with a fig swirl and pistachios, then we had a vanilla greek yogurt base with blueberry lemon swirl and apricot bits (I’m not a fan of frozen apricot bits).  The last was a nutella swirl with shortbread cookie pieces in a vanilla yogurt base.  The swirl and the base with chunks both went in piping bags, then it was swirled together into a pint container while turning around on a turntable.  We tasted the batches before they went into the deep freezer to harden overnight.

Meeting THE Ben & Jerry.

We were in the middle of a tour of the corporate building with Liz when we were called out to meet THE Ben & Jerry.  My dad if he were alive would probably have liked that part a lot.  When I was talking about this trip to my son’s friends – his response was -“I didn’t know there was real Ben and Jerry?, I thought it was a made up name, I didn’t know they were real guys.”  I’m here to tell you they are real guys.  They asked about our blogs and what we did and the flavors we created.  Plus we have a group photo with them to prove they really exist.

– then it was back to the hotel for a short break and off to dinner.  I loved their corporate office – a nap room, dogs in the office, flexible schedule, a nice big kitchen and ice cream.

Andrea Asch is the Manager of Natural Resources and I think has the perfect job.  While she did a power point highlighting all of their social programs and believes in a value added business and not just being a company that talks about sustainability, but one that walks the walk.

Talking points:

Listening to Andrea was probably one of my favorite parts of my trip.  She said that there was always something new to investigate and think about- how can they do things better, but you have to examine what you will have an impact on when you change something.

We got one last trip to the lab kitchen to try out our new flavors before heading home.  Our fun flavors turned out nicely – with Fig jam and Pistachio being my favorite.  So much fun packed into such a short time.  The PR people and everyone at Ben & Jerry’s were excited for their Greek Frozen Yogurt Launch the next day, and you could feel the enthusiasm for their business.

Sean gave us coupons for Pints as a thank you gift right before we left.  I’ve treated myself, given a couple away to my kids and now I’m offering it to you.

  1. Three winners
  2. US citizen
  3. One entry per household
  4. Tell me in the comments – what your favorite  Ben and Jerry flavor is.
  5. Deadline is midnight April 6(EST).

One more thing – The Chew on ABC recently did a trip to Ben and Jerry’s.  This video shows both Nate on the Factory Tour and Kristen creating a new flavor, two people I met on my trip.


Disclosure:  I received this blogger trip from Ben & Jerry’s.  I asked what was expected and the reply was – we hope you might write about your visit, but nothing is expected.   I received my hotel and expenses paid for, along with free pint coupons and t-shirts and a swag bag. I had a blast, loved their ice cream and loved their value added business approach.

What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

February 16, 2012 - Written by Diana

At a conference last week (5B: Believers in Better Beer, Bites and Blogging in Cincinnati last weekend), we were chatting at lunch and one person mentioned junkets, and the discussion was followed about what a junket is… and then I threw out that I was going to Vermont for a blogging event at Ben & Jerry’s.  There was agreement that this was a good thing, and I have to say I feel pretty lucky.  Then the flavor talk came out – Cobert’s Americone or Fallon’s Late Night Snack – has anyone seen them or tried them?  Most of us hadn’t tried either.

So, there is travel to Vermont coming up and I have a couple of days to think about it, but I want to know… If you could have any flavor combination of ice cream – what would you come up with?  Would it have chocolate chunks?  Would it be fruity?  Herby?  Have Alcohol?  This is a real question, I’d like my Cookerati friends to help me out.  If you could design your own ice cream, what would it be?


Updated:  During the blogger trip, I tried the Americone, on the way home from the airport, we stopped off at the store and picked up Late Night Snack.   Hands down we prefer Late Night Snack.  I didn’t think I would with the saltiness and the potato chips, but it’s really really good.  Sorry Colbert – I like you too, but I just like Jimmy Fallon’s ice cream flavor better.


Corrected:  Jimmy Fallon’s ice cream flavor to Late Night Snack.