Memorial Day Cookout Leftovers?

May 31, 2011 - Written by Diana


Leftover Ribeye salad for lunch.

Leftover Mashed Potatoes

November 30, 2008 - Written by Diana

Hamburger Mashed Potato Pie  Hamburger Potato  pie side view

Deb gave you a bunch of recipes for leftover Turkey.  On the other hand, I have lots of left over mashed potatoes.  I gave some to my SIL, but still have a bunch leftover due circumstances that left us with much more than we expected. First, my SIL’s Brother’s dog escaped and they had to go home to South Carolina see if they can find him – 8 hours away. So far no luck, but we’re hopeful.  We might have had some leftovers , but my SIL’s mother needed to visit the hospital and maybe more of it would have been eaten if we were around to eat it.  It was an interesting Thanksgiving that’s for sure.  My list isn’t huge, but here are a few things I like to do with leftover mashed potatoes.


1.  Remashed Loaded Cheddar Potatoes – add some cheddar, some butter, some herbs, throw in some bacon bits (or bits of bacon) heat it up, and then top with sour cream.

2.  Potato Patties – Add some onions, some eggs, a little flour, a little seasoning and fry up patties in oil.  Delicious.  Cover with Applesauce or Sour Cream if you desire.

3.  Hamburger pie – We eat this all of the time.  Cook up some ground beef with onions and peppers. Drain, mix in some frozen peas.  Pour into a baking dish, cover with mashed potatoes, top with Cheddar Cheese and bake at 350 in the oven until heated up.  Like a shepherds pie with ground beef.

4. Turkey pie – Use the leftover Turkey, gravy and veggies instead of Hamburger.  Pour into baking dish, cover with mashed potatoes, top with Parmesan cheese and bake at 350 until heated through.

5. Potato Candy -  Someone in my son’s French Class made this one -  Take a half cup of Mashed potatoes – room temperature, mix in a tsp of vanilla, add powdered sugar and stir until firme(it’s really a lot of powdered sugar).  Roll out into a flat rectangle.  Spread with peanut butter.  Roll up into a log.  Refrigerate and then cut into slices. You can also add a tbsp or two of cocoa instead of vanilla.

6. Spinach and Garlic potatoes – Saute garlic in olive oil, drop in some torn up spinach.  When the spinach is wilted, add the mashed potatoes and seasoning.  Toss in until the potatoes are warmed.  Throw in some Romano, or Parmesan.  My kids loved this.

7.  Just Season them up a little, add a little butter and eat them like Mashed Potatoes.  I like to use Spice Depots Ginder Spices, especially the Garlic Pepper and the JoJo Potato( with red pepper).  I enjoy the grinder spices in almost every thing, but they are especially good with potatoes. You can find them at WalMart. Spice Depot Spice Grinders



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Liven Up Your Leftovers with Thai Kitchen

June 30, 2008 - Written by Deb Ng

I try to be creative with my leftovers. I use leftover vegetables to make a pasta salad or omelettes or to flavor my pasta sauce, and leftover meats or potatoes can be turned into a soup, stew or casserole. My friends at Thai Kitchen had a few ideas for leftover makeovers and I thought I’d share those recipes with you here today,.

You Have:  Roasted Chicken