Nonni’s THINaddictives

May 30, 2014 - Written by Diana

Nonni’s is a brand I know. They make biscotti – hard crunchy thick biscotti that you can dip into your coffee. When you dip it in, the biscotti gets really soft and mushy and melt into the coffee if you dunk too long. Actually, I love the meltiness, but not drinking it but that’s a different story. We’re going to talk about their THINaddictives today because I was sent a couple of boxes to try out.

The THINaddictives are 100 calorie packs of thin sliced cookies or biscuits. They aren’t biscotti though. These cookies don’t dissolve in your coffee like biscotti, they stay crunchy/chewy. I think that’s because of the juice used to flavor it. They’re packaged in 100 calorie packs, 6 – 3 packs to a box.

Thin Addictive Blueberry Oat       THINaddictiveBananaDark

I was sent both Blueberry Oat Almond Thins and Banana Dark Chocolate Almond Thins. I thought Banana Dark Chocolate would be the clear winner, but it turned out the opposite was true, while I enjoyed the Banana Dark Chocolate, the Blueberry Oat Almond surprised me with a  really good blueberry flavor.  My husband and daughter both tried the THINaddictives and agreed that they were tasty.  The ingredient list passes my inspection, with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sugars.  There are banana chips in the banana and blueberries in the blueberry and of course real chocolate chips and almonds.

I think the best thing is that they are convenient and portable. I grabbed a pack right before my Mother’s Day run for a quick snack that wouldn’t make me sick if I ate right before a 5K. I also brought it to work, and it was easy to grab a snack in a small portion size. I’m not always a fan of pre-packaging, but it does keep you from eating the whole box in one sitting, which is a good thing because it would be easy to do.

If you’d like to try Nonni’s THINaddictives, enter the sweepstakes to win a free box on their facebook page. This contest ends on June 1st, so don’t wait.



Disclosure: I was given a box of Blueberry Oat Almond and a box of Banana Dark Chocolate Almond THINaddictives to try out. The opinions are my own.


Don’t forget the Jelly Beans.

April 18, 2014 - Written by Diana

Mike and Ike Jelly Beans - Cookerati.comJelly beans are a go to for the special Easter baskets. I like jelly beans, but only if they have flavor.  I don’t like the jelly beans that are bland and all taste the same, I want the different colors to taste like different flavors. Mike and Ike have flavored jelly beans that are pretty cool.  You can pick up different assortments, like fruit flavored, or tart, or even cinnamon – which I usually hate, but didn’t this time they were good too. I loved the assortments, and I also like that on the bag, there’s a guide to tell you which one you picked – like banana, pineapple, cherry, citrus punch, lemon lime. They also have a specialty box made with fruit juice (but it also contains sugar and corn syrup) – with a specially Mike and Ike shaped Easter Treats. So don’t forget the jelly beans, and pick up some that have flavor like Mike and Ike!

Disclosure: I was sent some jelly beans in order to do this review, the opinion presented and the photograph are my own.

Irish Country Cooking by The Irish Countrywoman’s Association

April 7, 2014 - Written by Diana

Recently, my sister brought up our family’s ethnic heritage.  I think every family should explore their roots, and cook authentic recipes as a way to share that heritage. My grandfather’s parents were both born and raised in different areas of Ireland and migrated to the United States in the late 1800s, and early 1900s. A review of Irish Country Cooking – More Than 100 Recipes For Today’s Table seemed like a very appropriate review for me. While this book contains all of the regular St. Paddy’s Day food of Corned Beef and Cabbage or Shepherd’s Pie, it introduces a few new ones plus a few out of box surprises like Hungarian Goulash. My Hungarian grandmother who was married to my Irish grandfather would have had a chuckle.

Irish Country Cooking - Cookerati

The Irish Countrywoman’s Association

The hard covered book was compiled by the Irish Countrywoman’s Association.  The ICA was founded in 1910 and consists of over 700 local guilds throughout Ireland.  Over the years these guilds produced their own local cookbooks with recipes passed down in families from generation to generation.  This book – Irish Country Cooking is a compilation of 100 of the best recipes from those local cookbook collections.

Crusted Rack of Lamb - Cookerati

Irish Country Cooking – the book

I tried out a few of the recipes and I liked how well they came out.  I made the Crusted Rack of Lamb with Orange and Olive Salad.  My lamb looked exactly like the photo in the book and tasted great too. I shared it with my family for my birthday dinner. My husband and son also loved the Colcannon – a very traditional potato and cabbage dish.

Speaking of photos – there are plenty, though not every recipe has a photo, most do.  There is a table of contents in the front and an index by ingredient in the back (just the way I like it).

We have all of the regulars like Soups, Starters, Main Meals, Side Dishes – which include preserves as well as side dishes and dips, sauces and stocks.  Then we have the sweets which include cakes, puddings and desserts.  To add to the content it starts out with an introduction from the ICA national president, a note from the editor, and a few words from guest chefs.  This book also  contains useful equipment and a glossary.

What else is cool about the recipes:

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have nutrition labels so that you can adjust something if it goes over your dietary limits.

All around this is a really nice book for authentic Irish recipes, some I have seen before and many I have not.  I plan on using it to inspire some of my own contributions to the family meal.


Disclosure: I was sent a review copy in order to complete this review.  This is not a sponsored or paid post.  The review is based on my opinion of the book, and is not influenced by anything else.



Sees Candy For Valentines Day

February 11, 2014 - Written by Diana

I received a boxSees Valentines Chocolate of Valentine’s Day Candy from Sees to try out. Sees candy has been American made since 1921 founded on Mary Sees basic principle of quality without compromise.  This really is a quality chocolate, made without preservatives. The Chocolate is rich, and the fillings sweet and delicious without being cloying. I’ll say it again, it’s quality chocolate.

There are two hundred shops across the US including Columbus, OH , and you can still get Valentines candy delivered to your door by Valentines day with their free two day shipping upgrade available in their online store right now.


Disclosure:  I received a box of Sees Candy to sample in order to do the review.  There was no monetary compensation for this review and the opinions are my own.

Sees Classic Heart (more…)

Magic Seasonings by Spike – Review and Giveaway

February 9, 2014 - Written by Diana

Spike Gourmet Natural SeasoningsIf you are space or seasoning-ally challenged, it’s nice to have a little magic on hand, like the kind Spike Gourmet Natural Seasonings provides. I do have a cabinet full of spice jars and seasonings, however most are not blends, but single spices – which means I have to search and put together my own combinations.  That’s okay for me, but my son and husband prefer to have the blends ready for them.  They don’t want to search through individual jars, give them a couple of jars, not a handful or more.  My son likes all the combinations and while my husband has to avoid a few due to being on a low sodium diet, my son is claiming any and all that my husband is not able to enjoy in our recipes. Spike Gourmet Natural Seasonings is giving away all of the same magic seasonings that they sent to me to try out,  1 jar each of : Original Magic, Salt Free Magic, Hot N’ Spicy Magic, Vegit Magic, 5 Herb Magic, Onion Magic, Garlic Magic,  Vege-Sal, Lemon Pepper Magic and Tenderizer Magic.

We’ve been trying out the Magic Seasonings by Spike the last few weeks. My son adds the garlic, the onion powder and the Salt Free Magic along with the 5 Herb Magic to tomato sauce for use with pasta.  He also made oven baked fries (in which he was very heavy handed in the spices there but we’re experimenting) using the onion, garlic, salt free magic and the Vegit – a low sodium spice (along with a bunch of black pepper). My husband was out of town so I used the Original Magic Seasoning in a Potato, Sausage and Veggie dish. The spices are good, and though the print on the bottle is really small, I can read that most of the ingredients are natural and good, though I’m a little foggy on hydrolyzed soy protein and these are natural, but not organic. There is a little caking, but that’s because there isn’t an anti-caking agent added and that’s more than fine with me.

Disclosure:  I received ten jars of Spike Brand Gourmet Natural Seasonings to try out for this review.  I have not received compensation for this review or to hold a giveaway. My opinions are my own.


2013 Holiday Guide: Book Suggestions For Your Foodie Friends

December 22, 2013 - Written by Diana

There is still time to run into your favorite bookstore and pick up a nice book-related gift (or two) for your foodie friends and family, and this Holiday Guide contains a few book suggestions for your favorite foodie.  Some of these books are also in ebook form, if you want an extra for yourself. In fact a great gift for reading recipes is an Ipad Mini or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  My husband has the tablet – and uses apps to read kindle, nook and other eReader type books. It’s also perfect for taking photos of your food and for looking at photos, much better than a cellphone.  Enjoy!  I hope you get to experience a new recipe or foodie inspiring book to help you throughout the new year.  By the way – Amazon says the last time for overnight is Midnight Monday December 23rd, EST.

The following books were sent to me this year and these are the ones that I feel would make nice gifts:


Friday Unwind – Zombie Killer Cider Mead

March 22, 2013 - Written by Diana

So, my husband is drawn to things that start with the name Zombie, like all kids his age.  Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser by B. Nectar Meadery is pretty darn tasty.  We bought this at the Bottle and Barrel in North Market when we were searching for some fun drinks to add to our hard cider list.

Zombie Killer - Cherry Cyser (Cookerati.com)

Zombie Killer – Cherry Cyser (Cookerati.com)

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser

Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser Label

You have to admit, this bottle is attractive for a Zombie loving fool.  The ingredients: Michigan cherry juice, apple cider and star thistle honey – the taste – cherries, apples and honey. A nice crisp apple and cherry taste with a sweetness but not over the top too sweet and a light carbonation; you won’t be belching after drinking this.  Very little foam, pours out pinkish with an orange tinge and a cherry/ honey with (maybe a little floral) aroma. I’m not an automatic mead fan because I think many are way to sweet for me, but this was very good carbonated mead.

I will say that I think the bottle is amusing – my husband loved it.  The website for B. Nectar is pretty cool.  The label states that it contains sulphites if that is an issue for you.

Disclosure:  This bottle was bought and paid for by me.  We would definitely try it again.

This Weekend My Beer Of Choice Is Hard Cider

February 1, 2013 - Written by Diana

AO Crisp Apple 6 PackIs hard cider really an ale or beer?  No, probably not but it’s what I’m going with this weekend.  My husband and I have tried some hard ciders and are enjoying the crisp clean but fizzy apple taste of Angry Orchard varieties. Hard Cider is becoming more and more popular as the alcohol of choice at gatherings.  It’s not more popular than wine or beer but it’s making advances.  I can see it being used in braising liquids in place of beer or soda too.

AO Crisp Bottle-1

Hard Apple Ciders are growing in popularity and becoming easier to find. When I went to the Cincinnati Beerfest last year a friend who has to live a gluten free life was looking for beers or ales that worked, and the hard ciders were represented there.  Angry Orchards is located in Cincinnati, though it is part of the Samuel Adams Brand. All of the ciders are about 5.0 % ABV – lightly alcoholic, very tasty and perfect for a friendly gathering but be careful, it goes down too quickly.

I can see that hard cider would be great in recipes, or mixed drinks.  My husband likes it too, so it’s not just a chick drink.  This weekend Angry Orchard but just so you know, we’ve got some other hard ciders waiting in the wings.  We want to expand and we liked this one so much we’re going to try more of them.

Angry Orchards Hard Ciders were sent to me for a review.  The opinion expressed is my own honest assessment.


The 2012 Holiday Recipe Book Gift Guide

December 20, 2012 - Written by Diana

This a quick listing of books that I have received for review and suggest to my readers.  This is not a complete guide to every new book; I can’t afford all that’s available but I can give suggestions among those I have received.  The one book I bought for myself in the beginning of the year is The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook: 2,000 Recipes from 20 Years of America’s Most Trusted Cooking Magazine.  If you are looking for a more upscale book, a little bit pricier but packed with suggestions, tips recipes and techniques, then this book is a great choice.  It does cost a lot less than I paid for it last year, so it’s a good choice.

When available, I’m adding links to amazon.  I do get a tiny bit from it, but feel free to find it on your own, buy it used from another bookseller or borrow from the library.  I’m attaching links for your convenience and so you can find the correct book but you don’t need to go through these links.  This will be a long post but there are a lot of cool books, some by bloggers like me and I like to encourage that.  Some books came to me in .pdf form, and I will let you know if that is the case.  Cookbooks are always a good gift, I hope you can find one for someone you love.

Holiday Books:

Holiday Slow Cooker: A Year of Hassle-Free Celebrations  When a friend asked for recipe suggestions for her Christmas meal, I showed her this book. Though the recipes are for meals created in a crock pot, they can easily be adapted for the oven.  My pick for her – the lamb roast because she’s never made a lamb before, however I decided to go one step further and we’ll be enjoying lamb shanks for New Years – my latest extravagance.  This cookbook is organized by holiday and the edges of the pages color coded to make it easy to use.

Author  Jonni Downing – blog owner of CrockpotNinja.com along with her daughter

Ingredient Index – No (but only 100 recipes),  Ingredient type – Mostly fresh some canned

Cover type – Soft,  Pages – 106 glossy

Photos: Some


Delish A Home-Baked Christmas: 56 Delicious Cookies, Cakes & Gifts From Your Kitchen   This cookbook was produced by Hearst Books and Delish.com a Hearst Publication website.  If you like fruitcake – the real stuff not the cardboard stuff with fake fruit; this is for you.  There are about 15 different types including gluten free and plenty with alcohol. A Home baked Christmas is about putting together a gift rather than a serving for a meal, though it is all edible but most of the treats are a nice visual presentation and would be a nice gift whether you are giving or receiving the treat. There’s a section on gift and table display.

Author(s): Staff of Delish.com

Ingredient Index- Yes,  Ingredient type: Mostly baking ingredients, but no mixes

Cover type: Hardbound binder (smaller),  Pages – 127 including index and conversion.  Semi glossy

Photos: 1 per recipe


The Dead Celebrity Cookbook Presents Christmas in Tinseltown: Celebrity Recipes and Hollywood Memories from Six Feet Under the Mistletoe – Pop culture cookbook  is a good way to describe this cookbook.  We’re introduced to some interesting tidbits about the actors, actresses and movies that celebrate the holiday season.  Then we get recipes that belonged to some of the celebrities of those holiday movies. It’s a fun quirky book though the recipes are your normal family recipes.  It might be me, but I enjoy that the two people most famous for being Mom’s in their Christmas shows have box mixes in their recipes.  I also enjoyed the Star Wars Holiday Special synopsis and I love that the Walton’s is part of the tribute – watching it is my Christmas Tradition – along with Holiday Inn, another movie mentioned.   I would buy this book for the fun factor, or for someone who has a cookbook collection that needs a little something special.

Author:  Frank DeCaro – author, writer, movie critic

Ingredient Index-  Kind of – semi ingredient list/ celebrity/ recipe index, Ingredient Type: Fresh, canned, box mix

Cover Type: – unknown .pdf , Pages 242.

Photos: Photos of celebrities, not food.


College Student:

Kitchenability 101– The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food. This book is definitely for kids heading on their own to live in a dorm or small apartment.  This is a very basic book for kids like my son who is not big on the cooking thing, so he goes for the easy eats.  Most of these recipes can be cooked in less than ten minutes and some that are longer.  The recipes are labeled with a D for dorm and an A for apartment, though I disagree with some of the dorm labeled recipes because they require a toaster oven and my kids weren’t allowed to have a toaster oven. However, a toaster oven is a great tool when you are cooking for one and those recipes would be nice for the apartment. The recipes in this book also fit the college kid’s budget, the ingredients are easily available and affordable.

Author: Nisa Burns – Chef and Blogger at Kitchenability.com

Ingredient Index – Yes, Ingredient type: Fresh ingredients, cans, pre-made waffles

Cover type: Soft bound, Pages – 175 including Index, Acknowledgment and PR for speaking engagements.  Glossy.

Photos: 1 per recipe


The I Love Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Cookbook: 150 Delicious and Healthy Recipes Using Foods from the World’s Greatest Grocery Store. I decided that this book should be under the college student heading rather than the vegetarian because of the cooking style and ingredients used.  Most of the recipes are very easy and can be prepared in a few minutes using (Trader Joe’s) canned, fresh  and bagged ingredients from the local store aisles. It’s a little more diverse than a college student has probably made, but very doable.  It’s especially good if your student is a vegetarian, but my omnivore kids eat vegetarian too, and would enjoy many of these dishes. There are also vegan and gluten-free recipes included and labeled.

Author: Kris Holechek Peters,  blogger of Nomnomnomblog.com

Ingredient Index – No, but there is a recipe index, Ingredient Type: Fresh, cans, bagged.

Cover type: Soft bound, Pages – 191 including recipe index and photo credits.  Glossy

Photos: Most recipes have photos but not all


Vegetarian/ Vegan:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Slow Cooking This slow cooker book for vegans is comparable to a regular slow cooker book in that the selection of recipes is similar though adjusted for the Vegan diet.  The recipes run the gamut of breakfast through main , side dishes, appetizers and desserts. I could use any of these recipes in my cooking, though I don’t use seitan very often.  As a vegan,  a slow cooking guide would be a plus in the kitchen.   As with every Idiot’s Guide -there is a good 101 chapter in the front dedicated to slow cooking and another chapter on adjusting to vegan cooking, as well as a glossary in the back.

Author: Beverly Lynn Bennett, Vegan chef, baker and blogger and veganchef.com

Ingredient Index – Yes, Ingredient Type: Fresh, cans, bags, dried

Cover Type: Soft bound,  Pages – including index, appendix, glossary and the two intro chapters – 292

Photos: None


The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: 125+ Delectable Plant-Based Vegan Recipes for a Fit, Happy, Healthy You If you want to try vegan, this would be a book I’d recommend. Most of these recipes don’t seem to be replacing meat with another ingredient like soybean and trying to make it seem like a vegan beef stew, instead it’s based on building on the flavor profile of the ingredients used to create the vegan dish.  That’s not to say they aren’t making stews or soups, but they are making stew, soups, appetizers, breakfasts, mains, sides and desserts that are all plant based and they do look pretty darn delicious.

Author: Melissa Costello founder of KarmaChow.com

Ingredient Index – Yes, Ingredient Type: Fresh, Canned

Cover Type ? – received a .pdf version, Pages 242 including index, baking substitutions, acknowledgements, etc.

Photos: Yes for most recipes


Family Style:

This is open to interpretation, so to me it means it’s based on meals that the average family dining experience.  Since I’ve already done vegan separately, it isn’t included in this category.


America’s Favorite Food: 200 top-rated recipes from the country’s best magazines – The book is a compendium of recipes from many different magazines including Cooking Light, Real Simple, Health, Southern Living, Sunset, All you, and Coastal Living, the publisher oxmoor house, and the website myrecipes.com.  This is a decent size book with plenty of recipes to fit everyone’s tastes, and abilities with lots of great photos.

This is my first interactive book. Using a digimarc app you can download the entire book, some extra recipes and techniques in print and video to your smart phone.  I had a little trouble getting the digimarc app to work and download the book.  I did not have trouble scanning the photos of the recipes for their link to their myrecipes site or the videos, just the book download.  I’m going to keep trying since the app was new to me.  Without the app links the book is still a good buy and when the apps no longer work it will still be a good one to own.  The quality of the book is independent of the app.

Author: Writers for Cooking Light, Real Simple, Health, Southern Living, Sunset, All you, and Coastal Living, the publisher Oxmoor House, and the website myrecipes.com.

Ingredient Index: Yes (also nutritional info) Ingredient Type:  Fresh, frozen, bagged

Cover type: Soft bound, Pages: 288 including index and nutritional info.  Semi-glossy Photos: Yes for each recipe.


The Golden Book of Pasta: Over 250 Great Recipes – Pasta is a great staple for family meals.  This book is chocked full of pasta recipes, and all types of pasta are represented including rice noodles.  The book is divided into short pasta, long pasta, fresh pasta, stuffed pasta, baked pasta, and noodles.  This could go in the college kid category too, because pasta is such a fast and easy meal to prepare in most cases that it’s a staple.  The golden books are great because they are pretty extensive and have great recipes and photos, but there isn’t an index by ingredient, just by pasta type, it doesn’t have breakfast or dessert.  There are photos with tags of many different pastas, but not how to pronounce the names.  The very, very plus side, is that my husband could do these recipes, or my son.

` Author: Carla Bardi

Ingredient index: No – only index by pasta type  Ingredient Type: Fresh, Canned, Dried

Cover type:  Hard bound with Gold book cover, Pages: 608 including index by pasta type.  Glossy.

Photos:  Yes, for each recipe.



The Old Farmer’s Almanac Everyday Baking – This book is so popular, it’s out – well, at least on amazon.  You might be able to find it in the store or at almanac.com/shop.  This is a book I recommend for you – to keep.  It’s not a large book, but it has lots of great baking material – breakfast treats, quick breads, cookies and bars, pies, crisps, crumbles and crunches, cakes for every occasion, a crash course for pie bakers.  This book is pretty inexpensive – at only 9.99, it’s worth the price.

Author: Ken Haedrich, master baker and pie maker, cookbook author, award winner.

Ingredient Index: Yes.  Ingredient Type: Baking ingredients

Cover type: Softbound, Pages: 136 including index, conversions and weights.  Glossy.

Photos: Some


How to Be a Breadhead: A Beginner’s Guide to Baking – This is a cool book written by a monk in Peru, Illinois.  It is the basic bread book – starting at the very beginning why and how things work.  He shows what basic tools are necessary for a breadhead.  You get instructions on a simple bread dough recipe and how to use it to make other special treats like an herbed spiral, cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls.

Author:  Fr. Dominic Garramone, monk, cookbook writer, award winner  and blogger at the breadmonk.com

Ingredient Index: No, but with limited ingredients, not necessary. Ingredient Type: Baking Ingredients

Cover Type: Softbound, spiral bind.  Pages: 87 including the final exam.  Stock paper.

Photos:  Yes, black and white.



Mini Donuts: 100 Bite-Sized Donut Recipes to Sweeten Your “Hole” Day – This is a cool book and though the donuts are mini – the recipes cover a wide range of options and cooking methods.  The donuts aren’t just deep fried, they can be baked in the oven or in a mini-donut maker and there are recipes to cover all of them. Besides the ordinary, there are the extraordinary including those for the adult who imbibes in their donuts and the kid in you who might like confetti.  It makes one want to go out and get a doughnut maker or oven pan to bake donuts in.

Author: Jessica Segarra, blog owner of TheNoviceChefBlog.com

Ingredient Index: Yes.  Ingredient Type:  Baking Ingredients

Cover Type:  Hardbound.  Pages: 172 including index.  Semi- Glossy.

Photos: Some.



The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen Cookie Lover’s Cookbook: Gooey, Chewy, Sweet & Luscious Treats (Good Housekeeping Cookbooks) This is one honking big book of cookies. The Cookie Monster himself would be impressed with the size, quality and quantity of cookies in this book. If you are looking to do a cookie exchange, you will find something everyone else isn’t making in this book it’s so complete.  These are well tested in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen, with plenty of hints tips and tricks.  The book is so big it’s in a binder, which means you can open it flat while you are mixing up your ingredients. There is an appendix, and an extensive index plus an index that divides the cookies into the type of person who might enjoy them.  This is also an interactive book with qr codes referring back to the Good Housekeeping website and videos.

Author: The Staff at The Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen

Ingredient Index: Yes!!!  Ingredient Type:  Baking Ingredients

Cover Type: Hardbound Binder.  Pages: 444 including appendix and indexes.  Semi-Glossy.

Photos: Some.



Spiked Desserts: 75 Booze-Infused Party Recipes – A cool recipe book that combines your favorite desserts with your favorite alcohol, nsfw – or at least not safe for my workplace, yours may have different rules. The author relies on boxed mixes for some desserts as well as canned fruit.  It’s a fun book full of fun treats.

Author: Chapel Hill Publishing

Ingredient Index: Yes, Ingredient type: Baking Ingredients, canned

Cover Type: Softbound Pages: 130 including index. Glossy

Photos: Yes.



Young People:

Dishing It Up Disney Style – A Cookbook For Families With Type 1 Diabetes & the companion book Coco Goes Back to School.  Lilly and Disney teamed up to put together some books to help out children with type 1 diabetes. The cookbook – Dishing It Up Disney Style is a recipe book with great child friendly meals that fulfill the nutritional needs of a child with type 1 diabetes. The recipes are all named after a Disney Characters with tips by the characters. This book is available free from the pediatric endocrinologist office.  If your child has type 1 diabetes, ask for a copy of this book. The companion book Coco Goes Back To School, is a children’s book that will help your child explain to her friends what diabetes is, and how it will affect her diet and her physical routine in a fun way using disney characters. Though the cookbook is geared towards the nutritional needs of a child with Type 1 diabetes, the recipes look tasty enough for any person, or child to enjoy.

Author:  Lilly & Disney

Ingredient Index: No,  Ingredient Type: Fresh, frozen, canned

Cover Type: Hardbound,  Pages: 80.  Semi-Glossy

Photos: Yes.



The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook: From Turkish Delight to Gooseberry Fool-Over 150 Recipes Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia If your kids (or you) are a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia, you might enjoy cooking some of these recipes based on the book.  There is a lot of eating meals going on in Narnia it seems, and the recipes are based on the meals in the book, though some rather loosely – as a large meal is represented with what a large English meal would be.  Some of these meals are too advanced for young kids to do more than assist you in making the meal, or watching, but most are good for children, teens and (of course) adults to attempt.

Quotes from the book are presented for every meal.  So, “Prince Rillian Orders Lunch For The Updwellers”  has a book quote ” The knight is very strange, but he doesn’t forget to order food for his visitors. Before facing the difficult decision of whether to free him or not, our faithful trio enjoy some good food (The Silver Chair, chapter 11).  ”  After which a recipes are presented to represent the food he ordered – Pigeon and Morel Pie – Cold Ham – Green Salad with Apples and Raisins – Heavenly Honey Cake – Triple Almond Cake with Raspberry Filling.  The Pigeon and Morel Pie is really pigeon and morels, though in an earlier recipe they say you can use cornish hens.  This is not kids food for a picky eater, this is more upscale fare but representative of the book. The book is unauthorized and unofficial and not endorsed by CS Lewis or Twentieth Century Fox.

Author: Dinah Bucholz – author of the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Ingredient Index: Yes, Ingredient Type: Fresh

Cover Type: Hardbound, Pages: 234.  Off white stock.

Photos: None.



Misc. – You might think this is those I didn’t care for, but you’d be very wrong.  One of my very favorites is Savory Pies, but it didn’t belong in baking or the other categories.  Tastes of Treme is very regional so it too was a lost soul and goes in this category.  I just thought to put the rest here as well. So enjoy.

Savory Pies: Delicious Recipes for Seasoned Meats, Vegetables and Cheeses Baked in Perfectly Flaky Pie Crusts The recipes in this book are droolworthy – and very savory looking.  Not only would they make great meals, but a lot of them look like they would travel well.  None of the pies are dessert, this is about being the center of attention and the main meal.  Pies, pasties, pockets, tarts, galettes and pot pies are all represented in this great little book.  Greg Henry is also known as Sippity Sup and well known among the food blogging community, a very supportive guy of all the other food bloggers.

Author: Greg Henry- cook, food blogger, leads cooking classes, featured in magazines and podcaster of “The Table Set”

Ingredient Index: No, recipe index only, Ingredient Type: Fresh, baking, canned

Cover Type: Softbound, Pages: 192 including recipe index.  Glossy.

Photos: Some.


Muffin Tin Chef: 101 Savory Snacks, Adorable Appetizers, Enticing Entrees and Delicious Desserts My kids think this book is neat, as do I. If you have a lot of running around to do, make ahead meals in muffin tins makes sense.  It’s also kind of fun and portable.  My kids would have loved it if I made breakfast that they could gulp down while waiting on the bus out front.  Little quiches, salads, muffins, desserts – it’s all covered.  I could do everything for dinner in muffin tins, but I might have to get more tins. These would be great for packable lunches too, something I do more often these days, and portion control too.

Author:  Matt Kadey – registered dietician, freelance nutrition writer, recipe developer and travel writer.

Ingredient Index: No, recipe index only, Ingredient Type: Fresh, baking, canned.

Cover Type: Softbound, Pages: 148 including recipe index.  Glossy.

Photos: Most.


Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orleans’ Famous Neighborhood of Jazz Regional is a good word to describe this book. It doesn’t mean that you must belong to the region to cook the recipes, it means that it’s pretty representative of a region – Louisiana would be the region, and maybe especially New Orleans. This book is filled with local authentic dishes and recipes, along with short blurbs about traditions, local attractions, and local fare.  I love that Treme starts out by giving you the directions for a spice mix called “Suck Da Heads and Pinch da Tails Creole Spice”  and talks about file powder made from sassafras leaves used as a thickening agent.  The Holy Trinity (Wit or Wit-Out Da Pope) is discussed since it’s used in many of the recipes.  This is a good book using really good regional ingredients and flavors.

Author: Todd-Michael St. Pierre – cookbook and children’s book author, magazine writer, recipe developer.

Ingredient Index: No, recipe index only, Ingredient Type: Fresh, canned

Cover Type: Hardbound, Pages: 208 including recipe index. Glossy.

Photos: Some.



New Kosher Products by Manischewitz

November 12, 2012 - Written by Diana

Every year Kosher Fest is usually part of my food news.  Kosherfest highlights kosher product companies with emphasis on new product lines.  It’s held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ and is on schedule for tomorrow.  Manischewitz has a few new products for this year’s Kosherfest, that can help you get through the jewish celebrations and holydays as well as any regular day.  I wasn’t sure what I would get when I agreed to do to the review.  Without further ado – here’s my review of some of Manischewitz new product line of 2012.

Mediterranean Matzos


Jason Cornflake Crumbs


Overall, the things I would buy again – Jason Cornflakes Crumbs, Roasted Turkey Gravy and the Mediterranean Matzos.  The turkey broth is fine but the sodium is too high to make it on the short list.  The chocolate cake would probably not be a regular purchase, however, if I had a gluten free person coming to visit, I might pick it up.

This was not a sponsored or paid review.  I received the products to do the review and the opinions are my own.