Cranberry Raisinets: “Like Regular Raisinets, But Different”

October 31, 2009 - Written by Deb Ng

Cranberry Raisinets

I received a package in the mail today filled with goodies to review containing, among other things, several packages of Cranberry Raisinets. The timing was good as they came at snack time and I had two seven year olds standing by to give their opinion – The Boy and his friend who, for this study, we will call “The Friend.”

I gave each boy a package of Raisinets and stepped back to catch their honest assessment:

The Boy: Tasty!

The Friend: It’s good. What are they called again?

Me: Cranberry Raisents.

The Boy: They’re like regular Raisinets but different.

The Friend: That doesn’t make sense. How can they be Cranberry Raininets?

The Boy: The should call them “Cranberryets.”

The friend: “Cranberets.”

The Boy: “Cranboogers.”

The Boy and The Friend: “EWWWWWW!!! Gross!!”

The Friend: I wouldn’t eat them if they’re Cranboogers.

The Boy: Me either. We can give them to Matthew. He has peanut allergies. He can eat boogers.

The Friend: EWWWWW!!!!

Me: So what do we think guys, do we like them?

The Friend: Yes. They’re good. You should buy more and give them to me when I visit. My mom won’t buy chocolate because she says it makes me crazy.

Me: I can totally see that.

The Boy: Are they going to make them in big boxes for the movies?

The Friend: No they can sell Cranboogers at the movies for the allergy kids.

The Boy and The Friend: EWWWWWW!!!!!

As you can see, I don’t ask my son and his friend to do product reviews very often. However, the Cranberry Raisinets people sent me some samples, and it’s my duty to give you my honest opinion. They’re good. They’re just what you’d expect. They don’t taste like boogers and they’re healthy-ish. They’ll make a good lunch box snack for The Boy, and they’re in hundred calorie bags for me. They’re tart and sweet and the flavors work well together. If they had a dark chocolate variety, they’d totally rock. They’re like regular Raisinets but different.

My family would totally eat them again.

Full disclosure: Reps for Nestle/Cranberry Raisinets sent me this product so I can do a review. This is my honest opinion.

It’s That Time Again – Send Your College Kid a Sample

September 11, 2009 - Written by Diana

Time to send your college kid a sample.  There are a few that they might enjoy, but of course it’s only good if they are already in school. My college girl just loves getting samples in the mail; it’s a nice surprise for her during a busy study week away from home. It also lets her know I think of her, and sometimes I even get a phone call as payment. That’s the best!

Without further ado:

Nature Valley Trail Mix Bar and Granola Nut Clusters – Fill out a form for a free sample.




Kashi Cereal – you get to choose from 3 different samples.Kashi.com




Honey Nut Cheerios -  A free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios and a $1.00 coupon.





Keep your eye on this next one.  Right now it’s out of samples, but maybe they’ll refill.

BareNaked Granola – one of my favorites.  Too bad they’re out darn it.

College Girl Says "Thanks for the Sample Mom"

January 28, 2009 - Written by Diana

My daughter sent me this note to thank me for her sample, and I thought I’d share it with you. 

I checked my university e-mail today about five minutes before my class and it says I have a package and I think to myself "What could i have possibly gotten?" not thinking about you and your sample sending fetish (which I love by the way ^_^). Well I have class , then I have to take  the shuttle to go out to the barn and I dont get back to my room until about four thirty. The mail room closes at five. I just checked my mail again to see if I had gotten any more mail and I remembered that I had a package! I check the clock and it’s 4:53 lucky me it’s a small campus, so I rush over there and look at the lady and say I’m here to pick up a package? She grabs this tiny box and hands it to me, says here’s your sample! I must given her a weird look cause she gives a lil laugh about it and says- I saw it was quaker oats minisnacks things… I told her that you sent it to me, ya know fill them out and put my address down. I had the largest grin on my face thanks mom, you made my day (all that rushing over a sample, sheesh).

See, they do like it.

Anyway, here’s another sample to send to your college kid.  Quaker True Delights

Send Your College Kid Some Samples

January 9, 2009 - Written by Diana

If you are like me, your kid has just left back to college and the upheaval in the home has died down.  They come home and you walk a fine line between being the parent of a kid and speaking with an adult.  Sometimes before I’m going to discuss something with my daughter that she may not be thrilled with, I remind her I want to talk with the adult and not my daughter.  Just maybe that will temper it a little bit so I get a discussion instead of an argument.  However, when she goes back to college, I know the empty mailbox can be lonely.  If I find a sample online she might enjoy, just something to make it a little different from the regular dorm food, I send it to her college address.  She loves the little surprises.  Today I found some, and one site had a bunch to look at.   Surprise your college kid, send them some food.

I received this one through email – Free Cream of Wheat sample – http://cow.promotionassociates.net/

I shop at Kroger’s and look through their website for samples.  That’s where I found this one for new Orville Redenbacher.  We sent away for the Lime one when we found it online too. https://secure.startsampling.com/sm/100576/captureAddress.iphtml?item=100576&source=kroger

I was searching for samples and found this great place where they are all holed up.  http://cecilialyne.gather.com/sample I didn’t join Gather, I just followed her links to the samples.  Great links.