Dinner with Deb!

September 23, 2011 - Written by Diana

I’m visiting my mom in NJ and we drove up to see The Great and Wonderful @debng , my sister and (sometimes) Cookerati partner. Tonight’s dinner was pot roast. I wanted you to see her lovely presentation. I guess I took a video instead of photo, which was dumb but not the first time for me. So look at this short video of her pot roast while Deb’s son’s voice is talking about something totally unrelated.

Pot Roast Dinner at Deb’s


Edited to add that Grandma is holding a creamer that is used as a gravy boat.

The Source by Wasserstrom in North Market

April 13, 2011 - Written by Diana

I’m sure I’ve told you that the North Market isn’t just food, but Saturday the Source was a treasure trove for me. The source is an outlet stall for Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply Goods. These items are quality goods, but maybe there’s only one of them.  The clearance rack was stacked with really nice pieces, mostly one plate, or one cup or one bowl of a certain type, but just was a foodie needs – or a college kid if you live in a house with 4 other girls like my daughter.  I made two trips to the counter with things I thought would highlight my food nicely. As a food blogger, it can be money intensive to find the right plates and bowls that draw your eye to the food, without distracting from it.  So one white coffee cup, or plate, or bowl even mismatched is a great deal.

The lady at the counter was really helpful, and told me that the cup I bought for 1.00 was a Rosenthal worth much more, but since there wasn’t a set of them, it’s only 1.00 which is a great price for me.  I paid about the same for second hand at the thrift store. The china I bought were all sturdy and I think they’ll last.  I looked up the regular prices on my dishes and cup and the store clerk was right, I was getting a deal.

Besides single unmatched or partially matched pieces, they have a really nice selection of fiesta ware in lovely bright colors.  There are chef’s jackets, plus all the essentials for the kitchen.  It’s not a very large store, but it’s got a lot of good stuff going on.  One more really cool thing, there were signs up around the store advertising a sale this weekend(April 16th).  The shop girl also mentioned it when I was leaving and told me to come back for the sale.  If I can get moving early, I will.


May 30, 2009 - Written by Diana

I’ve been remiss in my posting duties lately.  Track meets, band concerts, graduation parties, and gatherings have been taking up all of our free time.  Today while we were out shopping for graduation cards, I found something I’ve been searching for, cloth napkins and placemats – on clearance.  My latest green intention was to find decent cloth napkins for every day use.  I didn’t want to use rags, or washcloths or towels, I wanted real cloth napkins.  I found these napkins and placemats on clearance in the grocery store.  No more paper napkins for us, we’re using cloth now. Whooo hooo!

Cloth napkin and placemat

Table Settings – New Dishware on the Cheap

January 3, 2009 - Written by Diana

College Girls plates I shop for my every day dishes at a thrift store.  They get chipped or dropped or left at people’s houses so I want inexpensive.  I don’t need mugs or saucers, usually I shop for plates and bowls.  Thrift stores have dishes for as low as .50 – 1.00 for the plain white ones.  My daughter went with me on my last foray and found some cute things for a little bit more. Since she is in a dorm, she only needs a mug, a plate and a nice size bowl.  She does already have one of each, however, when she saw these she begged me to buy them.  Each piece was under 2.00, so I said sure and got her these beautiful dishes.  A nice matching green bowl and mug, plus a deep brown square plate.  Thrift stores get over stock or stock that is running out and won’t be replaced.  Some of it is really really nice and worth much more than you pay for it.  So when my daughter goes back to school, she’ll have a new place setting for herself and me I get to keep my wallet pretty much intact.