Cool Beverages to Enjoy

December 11, 2008 - Written by Diana

Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to try out different beverages.  Coffee was the main ingredient in a few, and tea another.  These can be found in the grocery store and packed into your lunch back or back pack for a drink on the go or at work.  I stuck a couple of these in my cooler to enjoy during a road trip and also brought them to lunch at work and we also keep them in the fridge at home.  I love soda, but I’m trying to stay away from the really sugary sweet stuff, even my coffee drinks aren’t as sweet as they used to be.

Green Tea with Mint TeaZazz – This is a semi-new sparkling iced tea though TeaZazz has been around on the west coast since 2006. We really enjoyed this pleasant blend of tea (black or green), fruit flavors and carbonation.  TeaZazz is a refreshing change from tea and flavored waters, with a light bit of fizz and without the High Fructose Corn Syrup.  There are only 25 calories in a serving of TeaZazz which makes it a delicious low calorie drink. The Green Tea with Mint was my favorite while my husband liked the Green Tea with Lemon. You can also choose Original Tea or Peach Tea , all are carbonated and all are tasty.  The bottle is 20 convenient ounces, large enough to share, but small enough to carry in for your work lunch.

The only draw back is that it isn’t local for me and has limited store availability .  However, that is not too big of a problem because you can order a case online – shipping is included in the price.  If you register online, they’ll keep you updated so that you’ll know when it shows up in your area.  


Drink No Evil Coffee Energy Drink Adina Drink No Evil Coffee Energy Drink – First off, besides being delicious it is made with fair trade organic coffee a big plus in my book.  Also it is packed with natural antioxidants (one can contains the equivalent of 4 servings of fruit) and Drink No Evil contains Guarana for a natural energy pick up. Drink No Evil has organic NO fat milk and evaporated cane juice.  My favorite flavor Drink No Evil is Caramel Kick.  I love that it has a really nice caramel taste, but isn’t too sweet.  All of the others were just as great and I loved them all.  I shared the mocha with my husband because that’s usually his favorite coffee drink, and he agreed.  I took the others on the trip with me – the Double Xxpresso, Hazelnut Hookup and Vanilla Nut Case – a very nice slightly spicy nutty vanilla drink .  They stored away nicely in the cooler and were a perfect pick me up on my long drive.   You should be able to find Adina Drink No Evil Coffee Energy Drinks in Whole Foods Markets.  I haven’t found them in other stores yet, but hopefully it will be there soon.  I’ve asked at my local place a couple of times hoping to push the issue.  Adina’s other beverages look just as cool.

TRIPLE LATTE 24 PACK - 24 - 8 OZ - CANSShock Coffee – This is a new coffee drink my husband found.  He liked it so much he ordered a case of the mocha and a case of the latte online, since we can’t find it nearby. (These aren’t organic though like the Drink No Evil). This is another really good tasting lightly sweetened coffee. Shock coffee contains 50 percent more coffee than the other brands, so if you want to stay awake, this might help.  I like this question under the faqs.


Caribou Iced CoffeeCaribou Coffee – Iced Coffee Drinks – This is the drink we pick up most often because it’s convenient and easy to find.  While Drink No Evil is my first choice, Caribou Coffee comes in close.  It’s lightly sweet with a nice coffee flavor.  It comes in Vanilla, Regular and Espresso.  Espresso is our favorite of the three. Here’s Deb’s review from a while ago.

Redespresso tea

August 28, 2008 - Written by Diana

redespresso 2 Have you tried the Rooibos Tea from South Africa?  It’s a red tea with a much more concentrated level of antioxidants than other teas and caffeine free.  It’s only grown in South Africa.  The Rooibos used for Redespresso is grown at the highest altitude and hand-harvested from a single family run farm in the Western Cape of South Africa through a process that has been handed down through generations.

Rooibos tea is a red tea, which has a really nice aroma although some have likened it to tobacco.  I can get a whiff of that, but mostly, it smells like tea to me. The plants are different also.  Redespresso is designed to be used in an espresso machine, or coffee machine, much the same as you would use coffee grounds. I don’t have an espresso machine, so I used my Senseo to make a cup of Redespresso tea.

The tea came out with a light layer of foam on top, just like the coffee does.  It’s naturally sweet and didn’t need any sweetener.  However, after tasting it straight, I added milk and sugar and it tasted nice that way also.  It’s not spicy like Chai, it’s a red tea and tasted like tea but without the tannins.  Redespresso is supposed to be darker and stronger in flavor than regular Rooibos Tea.