Conversations about Dinner & Dorm Cooking Notes from College Girl

February 8, 2009 - Written by Diana

chicken-and-noodles My husband and I both work , my son is in high school with a lot of activities, and my daughter is in college.  Our dinners are often haphazard and when I’m not cooking, I often offer suggestions because conversations sometimes go like this:

Me:  What are we having for dinner (over the phone)

Hub: I was looking at all these rations that I bought and thought maybe I’d try one of them out, but they only serve 2 and they’re all different.  I could mix a couple together though and see how it goes(he does things like this, that’s why I call)

Me: Um, I thought you were saving it for the apocalypse or something you know when the zombies attack the world and everyone comes knocking at the door.

Hub: Yeah, but I think we should taste them first to see which ones we like.  Do you think we should mix them, or I should make two different ones for us to taste.

Me:  You know, I’m not feeling great that cold thing that you and the boy had seems to have settled in me.  Do you think you can make chicken and noodles?

Hub:  We don’t have any cans of chicken, how about tuna?

Me:  I was hoping for chicken broth, because I don’t feel well, can you look around?

Hub:  I found one can of chicken, how about if I mix one can of chicken, with one of tuna.

Me:  No, just use one can of chicken if you can’t find another.

Hub: Oh, I found another can on the floor.  Okay, I’ll make the chicken and noodles.

I then told him how to make my chicken and noodles.  I’ll have you know, that I did sleep in longer than normal the next day, but I woke up feeling well.  A couple of co-workers took sick days, and one even went home sick another day.  I told them they were wimps, and someone said it was because they weren’t mothers.  Maybe, but I think the chicken broth saved me. 


College Girl sent some Notes about the Superbowl and dorm cooking.

About the Superbowl:

One of my friends really liked the pace salsa, one of the other ones insisted on queso, so I got out my crock pot for the queso (crock pot is adorable) and the two bags of chips that I had (one from pace, and one from Krogers) and the chips rapidly disappeared. As a result, I have one jar of Pace salsa remaining in my fridge until I get more chips…  (Note: I think this is why she came home this weekend. If you are thinking of something to send your college kid – gift cards to the grocery store are good)

Making toast without a toaster:

I have humus, and no pita chips. I have regular bread, and no toaster, but I wanted to try out my humus, and I do have a microwave. (not always smart). I put the piece of bread into the microwave and turned the microwave on high and turn the knob to about three minutes, because that’s what I use for everything (ramen noodles, a cup of hot water, popcorn, etc.) and about a minute and a half later,I smell something burning (oh, cXXX) so  I turn off the microwave, open the window and put my fan up. I was eating a hotdog at the time, and I’m not exactly sure what happened to it….. and my fan just fell, awesome. Anyway, bread does work for humus, but I would not suggest trying to make it into a harder chip like material like I did, get a toaster, (watch your microwave) or buy pita chips. I should have gotten them when I went to Krogers on Sunday. (Note: She requested pita chips to go back to school with her, too.)

College Girl Says "Thanks for the Sample Mom"

January 28, 2009 - Written by Diana

My daughter sent me this note to thank me for her sample, and I thought I’d share it with you. 

I checked my university e-mail today about five minutes before my class and it says I have a package and I think to myself "What could i have possibly gotten?" not thinking about you and your sample sending fetish (which I love by the way ^_^). Well I have class , then I have to take  the shuttle to go out to the barn and I dont get back to my room until about four thirty. The mail room closes at five. I just checked my mail again to see if I had gotten any more mail and I remembered that I had a package! I check the clock and it’s 4:53 lucky me it’s a small campus, so I rush over there and look at the lady and say I’m here to pick up a package? She grabs this tiny box and hands it to me, says here’s your sample! I must given her a weird look cause she gives a lil laugh about it and says- I saw it was quaker oats minisnacks things… I told her that you sent it to me, ya know fill them out and put my address down. I had the largest grin on my face thanks mom, you made my day (all that rushing over a sample, sheesh).

See, they do like it.

Anyway, here’s another sample to send to your college kid.  Quaker True Delights

Send Some Pace to your College Kid – They’ll Love You For It

January 17, 2009 - Written by Diana

Black Bean & Roasted Corn and Pineapple Mango Chipotle Salsa ImagesWhen Pace set up our  Win a Pace Game Day Party Pack Contest, they asked to send my daughter some of her favorite Pineapple Mango Chipotle Salsa in a care package.  I told College Girl to look out for a package, but I wouldn’t tell her what was in it.  She called me up excited on the phone and said it was "Freakin Awesome".  (We’ve had talks about the use of Freakin – so excuse me for repeating it, if it’s offensive.) 

She wanted me to post a Thank You note to the Pace people – and this is what she had to say –

Dear Pace company,

Thank you so much for the salsa and chips! I was very surprised when I received your package, because my mother only told me to look out for a package, not who it was from or what it was. I didn’t even see the PACE logo on the side of the box until I got it back to my room and opened it! I was very excited to have more of the mango pineapple salsa, it is very good. Also, the choice of chips was surprising, because my family is very big on organic foods.  I almost thought my mother told you to send me organic chips! Best of all, I have enough to share with my friends and even if my friends didn’t have good taste (they do), I most certainly do, and then that would just mean all the more for me!

Thank you!!!

College Girl

I’m not sure if you can tell that she’s torn between sharing it and eating it all.  I think there’s some dorm hoarding going on.  Anyway, if you want attention from your college kid, send them some PACE or other snack substance.  There’s a Superbowl coming up and I bet they might even share it while they watch the game.  By the way, you can always try and win one here.

Send Your College Kid Some Samples

January 9, 2009 - Written by Diana

If you are like me, your kid has just left back to college and the upheaval in the home has died down.  They come home and you walk a fine line between being the parent of a kid and speaking with an adult.  Sometimes before I’m going to discuss something with my daughter that she may not be thrilled with, I remind her I want to talk with the adult and not my daughter.  Just maybe that will temper it a little bit so I get a discussion instead of an argument.  However, when she goes back to college, I know the empty mailbox can be lonely.  If I find a sample online she might enjoy, just something to make it a little different from the regular dorm food, I send it to her college address.  She loves the little surprises.  Today I found some, and one site had a bunch to look at.   Surprise your college kid, send them some food.

I received this one through email – Free Cream of Wheat sample – http://cow.promotionassociates.net/

I shop at Kroger’s and look through their website for samples.  That’s where I found this one for new Orville Redenbacher.  We sent away for the Lime one when we found it online too. https://secure.startsampling.com/sm/100576/captureAddress.iphtml?item=100576&source=kroger

I was searching for samples and found this great place where they are all holed up.  http://cecilialyne.gather.com/sample I didn’t join Gather, I just followed her links to the samples.  Great links.

Food News Alert – Send an Orville Popcorn Sample to your Dorm Kid

November 6, 2008 - Written by Diana

There’s a Lime & Salt microwave popcorn sample available on Walmart’s website.  Send one to your dorm kid, it would be a fun movie night treat.  My daughter just thanked me for the Bearnaked Granola sample she received in her mailbox.  This popcorn sample is thanks to Freebies 4 Mom.  Hurry up though because it was gone when I checked last week. If their stock is out when you try, come back again later and try again, which is what I did.


Look, here’s another good sample your kids will love you for at Chocolate Bytes.

Dorm Girl Home for a Visit – Stock Up Weekend

October 13, 2008 - Written by Diana

My daughter came home for a long weekend because the school had a break.  We met her at a Dairy Queen (and of course stopped off for a delicious Pumpkin Blizzard).  Thursday I worked from home, but I told her I would take her out to lunch to a real good food restaurant.  Dorm kids can’t afford real restaurants so McDonald’s is out when you are paying.  Plus there’s the added bonus that they will actually talk with you if you can get them to sit down for a delicious meal .  These kids are so busy they won’t stop and spend much time with you unless there’s food involved. 

She played for the alumni band at the high school where my son was also playing which was cool.  She and her friends stayed for the game and then later they cooked out over a fire and had s’mores in the backyard.  We took time out for haircuts and stock up.  There were things Dorm Girl needed to replenish and things she found she wanted. 

Stock ups for DG:

Some of these things she requested, some she filched from the house, and some she found in the store.  I noticed that now she pays more attention to prices and reasonableness.  I tried to make some of it like the salsa and chips organic because I prefer it, even if it’s not in her price range.   I paid, so it was okay. 

I cooked a really satisfying Sunday breakfast with eggs over medium (dippy eggs) and sausage.  She’s tired of scrambled because it’s all the cafeteria serves.  Later we dropped her off at the school and even though we could have eaten in the cafeteria, we went out for another meal instead.  She had a doggie bag to stuff in the fridge for later or the next day if she wanted it. I think she loves us even if it’s just because we provide her with good food. 

Dorm Cooking: 40 Dorm Recipes and Resources

August 12, 2008 - Written by Deb Ng

Ramen Noodles for Dorm Cooking

Yes, I know last week was dorm cooking week but that doesn’t mean there isn’t great stuff to share. There are so many awesome resources and recipes available it would be a shame not to bring them to you here.

I give you 40 Dorm Recipes and Resources:

  1. College Dorm Fire Safety – Please read this first before attempting to cook in your dorm.
  2.  Cooking in the Dorm – About.com Busy Cooks
  3. Dorm Room Recipes – The Baltimore Sun
  4. Dorm Room Dining Tips and Recipes – gwhatchet.com
  5. Dorm Room Cooking and Recipes – About.com Student Travel
  6. Beat the’Freshman 15′ with Dorm Room Recipes -udReview.com
  7. Dorm Room Cheesy Tuna and Noodles – AllRecipes.com
  8. Sweet Teriyaki Chicken Drumsticks – The Eagle Online
  9. Recipes and Gadgets for Dorm Room Cooking – Parent Dish
  10. Recipes from the Dorm Room – Student Fitness
  11. Dorm Room Recipes -Peta2 (more…)

Kashi Pocket Bread

August 10, 2008 - Written by Diana

We were sent some Kashi Pocket Bread to try out for Dorm week and I’m here to tell you that it is the perfect dorm food.  The individual serving box is compact in size.  There is one Kashi Pocket Bread in one box, so you don’t fill up your little freezer.  It is microwaveable – 2 minutes on high, so it’s fast.  Kashi Pocket Bread is delicious, absolutely, totally delicious.  The bread itself is soft, but not chewy and not thick, just the right thickness, and made from whole grain.

It’s packed with meat (unless it’s vegetarian), and vegetables with just the right amount of sauce.  Our favorite was Turkey Fiesta, which was like a burrito packed into a roll.  We loved the flavor.  It had a little bit of a kick, but not overwhelmingly spicy.  My daughter had the Veggie Medley, and said it was very flavorful with lots of veggies.   I brought the Chicken Rustico to work for lunch and had it along with a side salad. It was easy to handle and eat at my desk. My daughter agreed that it would be great to take to school and said she would eat them especially the Turkey Fiesta.

I’ve tried Kashi before and trust for their whole grain products to be healthy and delicious.  Kashi Pocket Bread comes through once again.  A couple of these stashed in their dorm freezer and you will feel comfortable knowing you are leaving them with something good for them that they will actually eat.

Kashi Pocket Breads are nutritious.

  • At least 10 grams of protein
  • 400mg of ALA Omega-3
  • At least 4 grams of fiber
  • Zero grams trans fats and no preservatives

  • Dorm Recipes

    August 10, 2008 - Written by Diana

    bisq-cup 002

    Here are a few easy recipes you can throw together. 

    They aren’t elaborate because you don’t have the room or equipment for elaborate.


    Dorm Cooking – Collecting the Gear

    August 8, 2008 - Written by Diana

    Dormaratti 003



    We’ve been collecting the gear for college all year.  My daughter made a list of what she wanted or needed and slowly has gotten them as presents for different occasions.  Although she’s still hoping the grill will show up, and we’ll need to go out and get a few more things,  she has most of what she needs.


    Things to collect for dorm cooking:

    Cleaning supplies: