Turkey Stuffing Hash for Breakfast – Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe

November 25, 2011 - Written by Diana

This is a really easy recipe for breakfast if you have leftover lovers like we have in our home.  The ingredients aren’t important, what’s important here is how you layer it in order to get the crispy bottom.

Saute in oil a little bit of onion.

Drop in turkey pieces that you pulled apart – sprinkle it around the pan.  The idea is to build up your hash so there’s a little bit on all sides of the pan.  Heat each layer before adding the next.  The plan is to get a crispy bottom.  If you put too many ingredients in at once you will end up steaming instead of crisping.

Sprinkle stuffing around on top of the turkey.  The layers shouldn’t be too thick, or you will end up with a soggy middle.

I use my hands for this part (well for most parts) and pull the cold mashed potatoes out in little tiny balls and sprinkle all around the pan.

Stir a little, and if it needs vegetable spray to keep it from sticking spray a little on.

When it’s just about ready, crack your eggs out on top spread out over the whole pan and cover.  I wanted runny yolks, so we didn’t broil, we covered.

Sprinkle cheese lightly around the edges of the eggs and recover until the eggs are perfect and serve.

Tasty good, its fun to identify what’s in the little bites, with the crispy bottom and the runny egg top.  I had figs in my stuffing, they were a sweet treat.

Yum!  What are you doing with your leftovers?  Straight up, or change up?