Kielbasa, Peppers and Potatoes – a Fast Family Meal

March 10, 2010 - Written by Diana

This is one of my favorite quick tasty dinners.  Maybe I take too many shortcuts, but this one is good.  I can do this meal in under a half an hour, which is more time than my son gives me before he asks about dinner.  Seventeen year olds who run track are always looking for food; the quicker I get it into him, the less likely he is to fill it with junk or fillers. You can parboil the potatoes in a pot of water on the stove or a bowl of water in the microwave.  I do this because it will absorb less oil since it’s partly cooked already.  The kielbasa is turkey kielbasa, and it’s a little lower fat too.  The peppers – are mine.  We grew peppers last summer and froze them.  I haven’t run out of peppers yet, so I like to find  as many meals I can to use them in and the peppers though wilty are still delicious and full of flavor. I don’t put a dressing on it because my son isn’t a big fan, and we just use our preference of mustard or ketchup.  If I had my way I would pour on a mustard vinaigrette or dressing.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA           Ingredients:


Parboil potatoes in water then drain.  Sauté peppers and onions in  olive oil.  Slice kielbasa into 1 inch thick pieces, and throw in with peppers and onions and add in potatoes.  Toss in herbs and spices. 


That’s it, it’s all good.