Easter Kolbasz – from Best of the Wurst in the North Market

April 8, 2010 - Written by Diana

Easter Kolbasz       Last year my sister and I discussed Easter Kolbasz, and our family traditions.  This year when browsing through North Market in Columbus, Oh, purchasing my Easter Leg of Lamb from Blues Creek Farm Market, I perused the selections at Best of the Wurst.  When I had my tour of the North Market, I mentioned to Dave that it would be wonderful if they could get some Hungarian Kolbasz for sale in the market, so that I could have it for my Easter dinner.  There in the front window of the Best of the Wurst Market stall was hungarian sausage.  Could it be?  Was it the good stuff from my childhood?  I bought one package with the idea that if it was good, I would be going back for more later.  Later, I opened the package, and it was good, really good, much better than the other stuff, though a little drier and less greasy than the ones from our childhood. Kolbasz is much darker red due to the Hungarian Paprika that’s used to spice it up and give it the flavor my family loves. 


This kolbasz is drier, and smoked, so it’s not totally the stuff of my youth, but it comes pretty close and was good enough to share.  My husband and I went back to the North Market to get enough for Easter dinner.  I bought three packs then.  Nida, the owner of Best of the Wurst asked me what I do with it, and I told her that we eat it as is.  We also heat it up by parboiling or you can grill it.  Ultimately though, we just eat it cold because we love it that way.  You can order it online, the company that makes it is in the US – Bende & Son Salami Co. or go to the North Market and buy it from Best of the Wurst. While you are there, check out Blues Creek – freshest leg of lamb ever. 


Disclosure: I bought this.  I ate it.  It’s not a paid review.