Fast and Delicious – Grilled Veggies & Bulgur

September 25, 2011 - Written by Diana

Grilled Summer Vegetables & Bulgur

Tonight’s dinner – had a side of grilled veggies and bulgur.  This side dish is a really fast and easy side that packs in a good deal of nutrients.  This side can also be served as a vegetarian main and can be eaten cold or hot.  So double up and bring it to lunch the next day or a repeat dinner.  It’s a little scorched on the edges, but still very tasty.  A quick grill with olive oil and then after you combine the veggies and bulgur, give it a quick toss with some chopped fresh basil and a little bit of olive oil.

I have a  grill grate that I place over the grill top because I worry that the vegetables will fall through.  I sprayed the grate with a little oil first to make sure the veggies wouldn’t stick and I used a sweet onion along with some summer squash, and red peppers.


Core, de-stem and slice pepper lengthwise. Slice onions into similar size.  Slice zucchini down lengthwise into fourths, and divide into thirds so that you end up with rectangles of squash.  Do the same with the yellow squash.  Spray grill grate with oil, and also the vegetables.  Sprinkle with dried basil, salt and pepper. Place on the grill and if you can flip – a couple of minutes on each side.

Cook the bulgur according to directions.  Chop fresh basil up and toss in a serving bowl along with some olive oil, salt, pepper, the bulgur and the grilled veggies.  That’s it, on the table in twenty minutes at the most.



Farm Market Veggies and Leftover Spaghetti

August 4, 2011 - Written by Diana

My son’s specialty is now making spaghetti with sauce.  The most difficult part was NOT overcooking the pasta, believe it or not.  He’s not too keen on figuring out portions, which is why he just makes a whole box (pound) of pasta every time.  While this could cause some problems with waste, I’ve found a way to take the leftover pasta and make another meal with it using farm market and garden veggies.  Saute a few veggies, add in the pasta, a little more oil and white whine, toss until heated along with some herbs from the garden and voila you have a great dish.  We served this topped with a luna burger.  I had the garden thyme, my husband had a barbecue .  My daughter said she wanted real meat, but my son crumbled the burger up and mixed it in with the pasta.   My husband and I just broke off pieces with the fork then grabbed up some pasta and veggies on the same fork and ate it that way.  Let me tell you, it was super delicious.




Dice Shallot.  Chop the rest of the veggies to about finger width and 1/2 finger length.  Saute shallots in olive oil, when they are soft and translucent, add in carrots and soften.  Throw in squash and when that is softened add tomato  and herbs.
Chop spaghetti, and throw in with veggies, toss with olive oil.  Pour wine over top and scrap bottom of bits.    Keep tossing, when heated through, serve.

You can substitute any of your veggies  and change up the pasta.   Though I wish my son would think ahead to portion size and preparation, I love that I don’t have to heat up another full pot of water for another batch of spaghetti.  What do you do when you make too much?