Cold Chicken and Couscous Salad

Written by Diana - June 14, 2008 0 Comments

It’s been a little warm, so I wanted a salad or something cool to eat rather than a hot meal. I decided to try a cold couscous salad, and I made a green salad to go with it. We have plenty of salad greens and herbs growing right now. Plus it’s pea pickin’ time around here. I like to make my meals based on what’s available. In the summer it will depend on what’s ripe or ready to use after I’ve visited the garden and brought some fresh things inside.

Chicken and Couscous Salad


  • 1 large chicken breast
    • 3 cups Chicken broth
      • 1 1/2 cups Couscous
        • 1 tbs parsley chopped (fresh picked)
          • 1/2 tsp thyme (fresh picked)
            • 2 cups green peas(fresh picked)
              • 5 green onion tops(fresh picked)
                • 2 tbs raisins
                  • 2 tbs lemon juice
                    • 2 tbs olive oil
                      • 1 tsp curry
                        • black pepper
                          • red pepper

                              I boiled the chicken in some water and added the water to two cups of broth to make three. Pour the three cups into small sauce pan and boil. Add the couscous, the parsley and thyme. Cook for about 30 seconds. Remove from heat, add the green peas and raisins to soften, cover with lid and let stand for 5 minutes. Chop the chicken, and the green onions. Place in a bowl, pour the couscous over top and mix together, breaking apart any clumps. In a small bowl combine lemon juice, curry, oil, pepper, and red pepper. Pour over the bowl of couscous mixture, and toss. Put into the fridge to cool down. This salad is delicious but very light.

                            • I’ve never made couscous before and I wasn’t sure how the teens would take to it. As it was, they took the couscous, dumped it onto the green salad, added dressing and ate the whole thing together. I ate the salads separately and they were delicious that way for me. The couscous was ready really quickly, so I didn’t spend a huge amount of time cooking. I love salads, if you have any summer salad suggestions and you don’t mind sharing post them for us here.
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