Consistency is the Goal for the New Year

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Happy New Year!  I’m going to start the year off, by telling you about my last year and why my goal this year is to be consistent.

Last year, I decided to get back on the exercise bandwagon.  I wanted to get back into decent shape, but I’m not big on diets.  In fact, I am a hater when it comes to the diet word.  I’m a believer in moderation in everything.  Food should taste good, should sustain you and should not make you feel like you are starving, or denying yourself – that’s how I feel anyway.  I do not sit in judgement on food others are eating, I’m not going on the lecture circuit about what a person can or can not eat. Each person must decide for themselves along with their doctors what they can and can not do.  My husband is on a low sodium diet, and so my food sometimes centers around that, but it is our journey, and you can modify to suit your needs. We are in our 50s, and have lower caloric needs than someone who is more active or has a higher metabolism. So our goal is to be consistent in our food choices, based on our needs.

A few years ago, a friend and I decided to start walking at lunch.  We used to walk outside, but the weather, the temperature, the wind were all issues some days and we started walking inside.  There are 7 floors, and we started out by walking to the 7th floor and walking each floor and set of steps to the bottom floor.  Then when it got too easy, we changed it to start at the bottom floor and walk our way to the top.  Then we changed it to start walking down and then start our way up.  We can do all of the floors and stairs twice this way, and it takes under 40 minutes.  When one of us is missing, the other continues to do it and people will comment on seeing only one of us because people are used to our lunchtime routine. We figured out that it is a two mile round trip to do this at lunch.  There are times when work is too important and stops one of us from going, but for the most part it is our lunchtime routine and we eat our lunch while working so that we can get this time in.  Walking during lunch will not only keep others from interrupting your lunch but it will make your afternoon go faster and energize you so you don’t get the afternoon slump.   I will keep trying to be consistent in my lunchtime walking routine.  My friend is threatening to retire, so then I will need to go it alone.

In January, my friend and I joined the resolutionist movement.  My husband calls all of the people who show up in January – Resolutionists.  They resolve to work out, but by March, they have abandoned the gym.  I started with Kettle Bell class and Pilates class.  I wanted to be strong, not just stronger but strong.  Kettle Bell has made a difference in my arm strength – I can lift that darn double wide, old wooden garage door without any springs easier than before.  Pilates makes me strong too, but stretches out my muscles and takes away my aches that I used to feel.  I kept that up along with walking the gym track.  Then in April, my friend and I started walking the 5Ks that work sponsored for their employees inside the gated work area.  My friend and I started with a time of 53, and when we did the reindeer run in November, our time was 38 minutes.  I can run some and walk some and while my breathing is still a little wheezy, it’s getting better.   In the summer, my friend and I did water aerobics, and then in the fall we started hip hop dancing and spinning.  A few weeks ago, someone called us gym rats.

My friend went on the 1200 calorie a day diet and lost 90 lbs.  I stayed on my consistent healthy diet and lost 30 over the course of a year.  My family and friends mentioned that I looked good at Christmas.  That was my goal, not to drastically lose weight, but to slowly and consistently do a combination of losing weight and gaining strength – also though I tell you about my friend, I’m not comparing her to me.  We both did what we wanted to do in our own way.  I’ve gone down two pants sizes and hopefully will lose another. I signed a pledge not to gain weight over the holidays – and lost though I’ve got a few more days to eat salads and get back on track.  :)

My goal is to try and be consistent in other ways too.  I want to be consistent in my home, on the blog, and with my family.  I want to try and consistently get good meals on the table and good food into the fridge.  We’ve  made quite a few changes last year and I’m not looking to make huge alterations but be consistent with what we’ve done so far.  Today, the first day of the year we started out with a semi-fast 3.4 walk.  Here’s to consistency and Keeping on – keepin’ on.  What’s your goal?



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