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Written by Diana - January 13, 2013 0 Comments

Dear Readers,

Today I have been receiving emails and comments on a Cookerati post of 2011 for a Jennie-O coupon giveaway.  There is an ad in a newspaper referring to this old post.  It is not my ad, and the contest has been over for more than a year.

There are some coupons on Facebook right now – that I’ve posted a link to on the Cookerati Facebook Page. I’ve sent an email to the Jennie-O PR people I worked with previously to see if I can figure out what is going on.

I apologize for the confusion.  If you have any information – like where you’ve seen the ad drop me a line.






Update – the newpaper ad was confusing to many people but referred to the Jennie-O Facebook Page.  Anyone who did a search and found the old contest and giveaway may have thought that it originated here, I’m sorry to say it did not. I’m happy to have new visitors even if by accident.  There’s a link to the Jennie-O coupons on Cookerati’s Facebook page.  I hope that’s what you were looking for.


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