Covermates & Flings – Great For Your Picnics and Parties

Written by Diana - June 6, 2010 2 Comments

Sometimes when you have a review, you think it’s iffy and you’re not sure what you’ll think.  Will they really be useful, durable, reusable?  In the case of both Covermates and Flings – the answer was yes.  Combining these into one review may seem like I’m taking a short-cut, but both of these products seemed like they might not make it to the review stage (and they wouldn’t if it was really bad), or that they would get a so-so review, but the longer I’ve had them, the more they’ve been put to use, and that’s what’s most important.
Flings Pop Up Recycling Container
Flings Bins Pop Up Disposable Containers These Bins look kind of strange.  They fold down to the size of a lid for a tall garbage can, but you can pull them up almost to the size of a tall bin.  So, say you are having a party and you want a place to put your recyclable cans – this is perfect.   It’s supposed to be disposable, so you can throw away the Fling with all of the party refuse (paper plates, cups, etc.).  If you put in a tall garbage bag, you can reuse the fling again and put it away for the next party, that’s what I do.   You can do the same for the recyclables.  Put in a tall garbage bag,  and then you can pull out the bag when the party is over, rinse the outside off, and put away.  We found some other uses too.  It’s great when you are going through your kids clothes, and pulling out the too small or out of season stuff.   Just throw into the fling.  The best use by far is for aluminum cans.  Even my son’s friends rinse out their cans and throw it into the fling, so we have one in the kitchen at all times.  I gave one each to my sisters for their aluminum cans for their dinner parties recently.  They have to return all of their cans to get their deposits back and the flings worked great, though I found out I’m not supposed to crush the cans they need to return.  Flings Pop-Up Recycling and Trash Containers can be found at Price Chopper and some Party Stores.

Covermates Food Covers – Shower caps for your food- really, that’s what my husband calls them.  When I saw these, I thought that they were for lazy people – the people who didn’t like to search for the proper lid.  It turns out that I live with those people, the ones who are always tearing off aluminum foil and plastic wrap for bowls.  I am the only person in my home that can find the proper lid for my bowls, and will put in the effort.  That being said, I would rather the food be covered, than not.  Covermates solves the problem of covering the food, while also not adding to the garbage fill problem my family creates because they are too darn lazy to find the right cover…. Okay, maybe I should get over it now that we have covermates.  They are reusable, and cleanable.  The suggestion is to clean the cover in the dishwasher by putting it over a clean plate.  I just handwash and hang over a wine or juice bottle to dry, because it’s easier.

I still use my lids, however, I brought a giant green salad in a big ceramic bowl, plus my Quinoa Berry Salad in another Ceramic bowl to a family cookout and I used Covermates to keep them clean.  Plus, for an outdoor picnic, they are so easy to lift off and recover, unlike the other covers.  As we were cleaning up, my sister in law remarked on them, and my mother in law agreed, saying that she thought they were nice.

There you have it. I recommend both of these products for your parties and picnics.

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2 Outstanding Responses to "Covermates & Flings – Great For Your Picnics and Parties"

    zerrin on June 9, 2010 at 3:18 am

    Both products sound useful. I love that you can resize those bins and we urgently need those covermates. We always have that problem, feeling lazy to wrap the bowls with plastic. Thanks for informing us.

    Juliana on June 9, 2010 at 6:32 am

    Diana, great review…love it! You are right…they are great for the out door eating :-)

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