Daylight Savings Ends – Time to Check Your Batteries And Maybe Something Else.

Written by Diana - November 1, 2012 2 Comments

Daylight Savings is ending this weekend.  Usually we are told to check our batteries in our smoke detectors.  I have a suggestion though.  I have been trying out a new smoke detector, one that can be used near your kitchen.  The Iophic Smoke and Fire Alarm with Universal Sensing Technology won’t go off when you open the oven even when the food is a little charred. So when you change your battery this weekend, think about changing that smoke detector with all of the nuisance alarms, the one that’s affected by the kitchen the most.Iophic Smoke & Fire Alarm

I was skeptical when I accepted the offer to review the smoke detector.  I have them throughout the house, but the biggest problem is that the detector down the hall from the kitchen goes off every time we open the oven door.  When the smoke detector arrived I was determined to do a good test of the smoke detector because if I was endorsing it, it had better work.

So, this is what we did.  We took the new smoke detector and we placed it on a wall very close to the old smoke detector. It was easy for my husband to install on the wall, a few screws and it was secure. I wanted to see that every time the old detector went off, that the new one wasn’t also going off.  The old one wasn’t awful in that it does have a button to push to shut it off when the alarm is blasting.  Of course, in another three minutes, it would go off again or the next time you opened the oven door.  The dogs and cats would scurry the off in a panic in all different directions to hide from the blast. The kids and my husband would hit the button and wave towels to clear up the heat and smoke if there was any.  This was a nuisance alarm at it’s worst and I was not always quick enough when it came to closing the oven door.

Well, after we placed the new Iophic Smoke Detector on the wall we left it in place for at least a month.  In that time, the old smoke detector went off 4 different times: once with a pan on the stove and 3 times with an open oven door.  The new detector didn’t go off any of those times.  My husband is thrilled, my son is thrilled and if the animals knew what we were asking about, they would also be thrilled because they hate smoke detector noise.

I recommend the Iophic Smoke Detector with Universal Sensing Technology (battery operated) because I tested it and it worked.  However, whether you invest in this smoke detector or not, remember it’s time to change your batteries and press those test buttons to make sure the detector will alert you when you really need it.


The Iophic Smoke and Fire Alarm was provided to me for review.  It worked in my home, my opinions are my own.



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2 Outstanding Responses to "Daylight Savings Ends – Time to Check Your Batteries And Maybe Something Else."

    Anna on November 3, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    cool thanks for sharing!   my smoke alarm goes off ALL THE TIME for the smallest things and it makes me bonkers!

    Diana on November 8, 2012 at 9:51 pm


    Let me know if it works out for you Anna. I like that I can open the oven without all of the panic and noise.


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