Easter – What’s for dinner?

Written by Diana - April 8, 2009 2 Comments

Usually the Easter feast is in our home.  This is our once a year gathering, that I really love cooking for though this year, I am not sure anyone else will make it besides the 4 of us. That’s okay, because we all love the food, and everyone pitches in,so it‘s really a family affair.  Sometimes I get a little frantic trying to get things ready, but it all comes together.  Then after the table is loaded with food, I relax because I am not someone who likes to jump up constantly.  I like to sit and enjoy my meal and take my time.  I don’t remove the plates from people who are still eating, and move elbows to wipe the table down.  I do take care of the carnage, but it’s after everyone has left.  I want my guests to feel like they can settle in.  I didn’t invite them over for their dishwashing abilities, but for their good conversation and camaraderie.

When the weather is good, we spread to the outside. When it’s bad, or not so good, we stay in and sometimes will put on a movie.  My son’s bed is usually full as one person or another takes a turn napping.  My husband’s family is full of good nappers, but some people travel 2 – 3 hours to our home and back, so the bed is always ready and my son is a good sport. We spend a good part of afternoon and early evening noshing, sometimes we even heat up the food again and have a second round.  I have to hold myself back sometimes from standing in the way and saying, “Wait, these are our leftovers!!”  I really am a fan of good eaters though, and think picky eaters should just keep going down the road.

This is my normal menu.  If I can I will provide some recipes this week, but I’m not cooking twice, so the pictures will have to come later. Most of it you probably already know how to do.  Might look like a lot of appetizers, but we eat the main dinner at 2 and then nosh until people leave. 

Crackers with cheese
Herb spread
Veggies and dip
Fruit and dip(my sister in law makes this)
Chips and dip
Hummus and pita chips.
Nachos and Salsa (cause my husband has to have it)

Dinner :

Leg of Lamb Roast
Mashed Potatoes (My husband’s family wouldn’t be happy without it)
Root Vegetables, plus squash and some other things – baked
Leek & Goat Cheese Gratin
Apple slices
Deviled Eggs(We switch off making this – depending on who claims it)
Homemade Bread
Green Salad

Kolbasz & eggs

Bananas & Pudding (my sister in law makes this)
Cake or brownie

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    Sophie on April 8, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    MMMMMM…What a wonderfully yummie easter menu!! I bet that it all tastes fab!!
    Happy easter!!

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