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Written by Diana - August 26, 2008 2 Comments

It’s a food blog, so I’ll talk about food.  We delivered my daughter, and all of her dorm equipment including her fridge and microwave to college the other day.  Part way there she tells me she forgot her ramen noodles – didn’t we discuss this here already?  So now I have to mail it to the college.  I’m proud of her, she’s starting a new adventure.  We did eat in the dorm cafeteria, and the food was good.

My son played in a soccer game today, and they lost, but not by as much as they lost the last time.  Even better, he not only scored the first goal, but the most beautiful goal.  My son is like a gazelle, he spreads his legs out and runs and he’s fast.  He dribbled the ball down the field and no one could catch him.  We live out in farm country, so dinner is usually the hot dog stand at the school.  Also, I want to support the school sports, so I buy my son a hotdog and popcorn.  I got a chicken salad for myself.  I really shouldn’t eat that stuff, I’m getting too old.  Only two more years and my son will be (hopefully) off to college too.

Does that count as Cookerati talk?  Right now my kids get my time first.  Some nights we just don’t eat as well as we should.  I need to be a better planner, so that I can be a better eater. Usually if we are going somewhere and I have time, it’s sandwich night.  What do you do when you have the running around craziness of band practice, football games, soccer games, Venturers, etc and work full time too?  Are you better organized, can you feed your family better or do you just go to the hotdog stand too?

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    Perry P. Perkins on August 27, 2008 at 4:10 am


    Great post. I’m at the other end of the kid-mill, lol, my baby girl just turned one. Not quite to the “drive around” crazies yet, but we’re deep into the feed the baby, change the diaper, read the story who-has-time-to-cook” phase, lol.

    Speaking of Ramen, here’s a fun post for your daughter on college-cooking recipes:

    I’m a foodie, a stay-at-home-dad, and a third generation chef, so when I saw your blog mentioned on our sisters blog (I’m also a writer) I had to stop by.

    Speaking of food, I have a little PDF cookbook of recipes based on my novels that I would love to offer to your readers at no charge. Let me know if you feel this is appropriate and I’d be happy to send it to them (or you) asap.

    Okay, back to working my way through your posts, you have some great stuff here!



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