Freezing Paw Paw Pulp

Written by Diana - October 2, 2011 2 Comments

Paw Paws are very short lived, within a few days they go to black and mush, plus the fruit flies find them.  I collected enough paw paws this year that I decided to freeze the pulp.  It’s a little tedious to separate the pulp from the seeds and skin, but worth it in the end.  Paw Paw fruit can be used as a replacement for oil in baking, or in salsas or sauces, or even in a recipe in place of another fruit.


First Slice the fruit in half width wise, or lengthwise. 

The first time I did this across the width, I scooped out the fruit and pulled the seeds out.  The seeds have a small membrane around them that the fruit sticks to.  In order to get the most fruit, peel the membrane off and throw in with the fruit.  I found though, that slicing the the length maybe not in half, but a quarter, will cut through the membrane leaving the tips of the seeds exposed.  You can pull the seeds out and scoop the fruit into a bowl.

Process all the fruit in a food processor.

Take all the fruit and place in a food processor and pulverize it.  This will make the pulp less fiberous and give it a smooth consistency.

Strain the pulp.

Using a mesh strainer – push the pulp through.  Any tough pieces of pulp, skin, membrane will stay in the strainer.

Scoop into ice cube tray.

Freeze then place paw paw cubes into a freezer bag for use another day.


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2 Outstanding Responses to "Freezing Paw Paw Pulp"

    cathy eads on September 18, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Just a short note to thank you for this information. I just moved to Arkansas and have discovered that I have several Paw Paw trees. The pulp is wonderful and I wanted to keep it for later baking. Your advise will let me do that.

    Thanks Again

    Diana on September 18, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Good luck with that, we love paw paws.

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