Friday Unwind – CalNaturale Wine in Tetrapaks- What Do I Think?

Written by Diana - March 30, 2012 0 Comments

I was going to go easy tonight with a white wine spritzer.  I’ve been working a lot of overtime to complete a project, and I had decided to try out this wine, and use it in a spritzer.  Unfortunately -when I was looking for a spritzer – the spritz was gone.  No seltzer or even soda – we don’t buy it often, but it’s gone.  So even easier – it’s wine review night – CalNaturale wines – Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and they are made from organically grown grapes!

My dad used to buy boxed wine in the 70s and 80s, but I wasn’t a fan, so I decided to try out the tetrapacks, hoping wine has improved.  Plus, organic wine is definitely something I would look at.  I’m not sure I understand the green vs greener argument of tetrapaks vs glass or glass vs tetrapaks.  It’s more energy to produce glass, but can be recycled vs, less energy for tetrapaks, but while it takes up a lot less space, doesn’t get recycled?  I do know that if you are traveling, the tetrapaks are more convenient and take up less room in the cooler.  It’s easier to take a tetrapak on a hike or to a gathering rather than a bottle, and hopefully no one will know what they are and it won’t get stolen, like ours were at the last family gathering.  Easy to pack in and then easier to smash down and pack out.

As for the taste – it tasted like good decent wine, better than the boxed stuff my dad had back in the day.  The Chardonnay is a little oaky as one would expect from a California white, but not a real strong oak.  My husband prefers white over red, so this was his favorite.  However, though I usually prefer the white, it was a toss up because I think I liked the fruit taste in the red too. I think they’d be great for spritzers, or sangria or for sit down and watch a movie with the husband and drink a glass of wine night. I would definitely buy these, especially if I needed to pack them to go.  They’re the perfect weight for hauling around.

What do you think tetrapaks or not?


Disclosure:  I was given CalNaturale Wine to try out.  I was not paid for my recommendation, the opinion is all mine.


Note – the title says Organic wine, but it’s wine from organically grown grapes, which is different – sorry about that.



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