Ground Lamb, Kale and Noodles

Written by Diana - May 4, 2009 2 Comments

I had big grand plans for tonight’s dinner.  I was going to make a big batch of food that we could eat off of for a few nights.  Track is taking it’s toll on our dinners, and it’s not pretty.  I picked a huge amount of Kale, I cooked up a mixture of ground lamb and sweet italian sausage.  I shredded cheese.  Then, my daughter’s friend called.  They were at another friend’s house, the second friend’s father cooked up some food, and people were getting sick, including my daughter.  So we went and picked her up, got her comfortable at home and then had to turn around and drive a half hour away to the first friend’s house where my daughter spent the night in order to pick up her stuff and the car.  So much for dinner – I didn’t have time to finish up my preparations and bake dinner.  We’d never eat if I went with my original plans.  So I took some of the ingredients and threw together a quick meal and put the rest aside to assemble another day.  Here’s tonight’s dinner that I served, it turned out to be scrumptious.

Ground Lamb, Kale and Noodles - CookeratiIngredients:

Cook up the ground lamb, the onions and the turkey sausage together, drain grease. Throw the kale into a pot of boiling water, let drain, and squeeze the water out.  Roll the kale up and slice it.  Throw the meat mixture, the kale, the noodles, the ricotta into a pot, and toss it together and heat it up.  Throw in some salt and garlic pepper.  My husband said the green sauce was a little different looking for him, but it was delicious. 

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    Sophie on May 4, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    MMMMM….Looks lovely! What are Amish noodles? MMMM…I always love the combination of ricotta, Green vegetables & meat!!

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