Halloween Treats – Snikiddy Snacks

Written by Diana - October 22, 2008 1 Comment

SnikiddyforHalloween Snikiddy Snacks are great healthful fun tasting treats for a young kids Halloween trick or treat pumpkin.

When my kids were younger I was very very careful about what they ate.  My grandmother gave my daughter a huge chocolate Santa for Christmas one year. She noticed the look on my face (I’m so sorry about that Grandma) and asked if my daughter ate chocolate.  She was a year old at the time – and this Santa was huge.  I said no, that right now she didn’t get to eat chocolate, maybe when she was a little older.  Well, from that time on everyone else’s kid got chocolate and my kids got rock hard juice cookies.  Seventeen years ago organics weren’t mainstream enough for the local retail stores to carry them. Snikiddy Snacks are organic with no transfats, wheat free, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives, no GMOs and no corn syrup, which is really cool for me as a parent.

Snikiddy Snacks are much better than those cookies were years ago.  My son the guinea pig tasted the snacks and enjoyed them.  He said the grilled cheese puffs were great – but not enough in the bag.  There really is enough in the bag for a snack, but he’s 6 ft 2 and wears size 13 sneakers.  He eats enough to fill one of his shoes at every meal. The grilled cheese snacks came in .60 oz bags, so they really are the perfect size.  He said the chocolate chippers were great especially dipped in milk.  They are chocolate chocolate chip cookies with a good cocoa taste. 

I asked my son if he thought they would be great as a trick or treat.  His exact words were, "Mom, all we want are Reese’s cups, but after that if you give us this instead, it’s still good."  I said, "Well, I know the little kids on the front are young, but would you take it to school for lunch."  His reply, "I don’t care about the picture, I’ll still take it to lunch."  So there you go, he’s taking it to lunch too.

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    jake Deer on February 7, 2009 at 3:19 am

    Awsom Blog. I will definatly live a healthier life from now.

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