Hubert’s Polish Kitchen

Written by Diana - May 2, 2012 0 Comments

Last week my husband and I were at the North Market, and decided to pick up dinner.  We were leaving town for a family function and thought we’d get enough for leftovers, that way my son would have dinner for a few nights.  Hubert’s Polish Kitchen was a new for us place to try.  It’s right across from the Greek Stall we normally go to.  I wanted something different, to change it up, so we went to the Polish Kitchen.

We got all of our food to go, and brought it home to share with our son.  I want to tell you that the stall clerk who sold us the food was helpful with  letting us know what foods to pair together, and how to serve it, as well as describing what it was we were looking at, and whether it was spicy or not.  She was very pleasant and patient while we asked questions. We went home with containers of food, we bought more than a normal share, but we wanted to try a bunch of different foods.  I have to say we opened the food containers, dished it out onto our plates and then started gobbling – really gobbling.

We were blown away by the red cabbage slaw.  It almost had a floral quality to it.  My husband felt the same way, amazed at how sweet, and flowery it tasted.  The mashed potatoes are the best I’ve ever had.  I like mashed potatoes and though I think anyone can do an adequate job, these were way above average.  The roasted chicken was delicious also.  My husband is a roasted chicken and mashed potato fan and he was in heaven.

As much as he loves chicken and roast potatoes, he’s not a big fan of onions.  The shish kebabs were our least favorite.  I wasn’t impressed with the thin spicy chicken surrounded by onion, with a few other vegetables.  It was suggested that we use ketchup and mustard with the shish kebabs, but I like mine meatier and juicier.  For the piece d’resistance -mielone with leczo sauce.  It’s a chicken croquette – and includes veggies and cheese inside along with ground chicken and then breaded and fried. We just asked for the croquettes, but the stall clerk suggested the leczo sauce, which was perfect over top.  It reminded me of goulash from my growing up days.

I asked about pierogies, which they were out of, but they did have a sign up about blueberry pierogies and we took a bunch of those home.  I forgot about them, and when we came home from our trip my son let us know that it was like eating blueberry pancakes – with all of the blueberries inside.  There were a few leftover that my husband and I tried and they make a tasty dessert pierogie.

I recommend Hubert’s Polish Kitchen – Get the mashed potatoes!!! This is not a paid review, this is my own opinion, and I will go there again.


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