My Mother’s Quest for Ice Cream – Turkey Hill

Written by Diana - August 12, 2008 2 Comments

My mom comes to visit once a year.  I live 500 miles away, so I make my yearly pilgrimage in the winter and she comes in the summer and helps out with the kids and chores.  Mainly, she’s there so if they need an adult around for shuttling or so their friends can come for a visit, she’s there.  This year she rode in the passenger seat as my son drove back and forth to band camp.  She’s a good sport, my mom.  There is only one problem; the quest for ice cream.  She loves ice cream, but desires store bought ice cream to be fat free and sugar free.  I KNOW – is it still ice cream?

So we go to the store and we search back and forth and back and forth among the dairy cases searching for the elusive fat free, sugar free ice cream.  Oh, and it has to have nuts (fat free nuts?) or be anything but chocolate.  I stopped by stores a couple of times on my way home from work and told her I bought ice cream.  Of course, I hear -” Is it fat free, sugar free?”  My response was – “You’ll eat what I got and be happy.”  Where have I heard that before?  Then there’s the time I go on the weekend after church with her in tow – or maybe it’s the other way around.  While my family is sweltering in the car, we’re searching the aisles for the one box of fat free sugar free ice cream that MUST be there.

I can shop the whole store in less time than it takes to find my mom one box of ice cream.  Finally, she gave in and found something that was Vanilla and Free something (Fat Free Vanilla).  When we were visiting with the cousins, we were talking about ice cream.  My mom said she knew she bought a Turkey Hill (Are you listening Turkey Hill?) ice cream that was fat free and sugar free at home (500 miles away) and also the last time she visited.  My cousin-in-law agreed and said she searches for it too.  So somebody, please stock up our store with Fat Free, Sugar Free Ice Cream with Nuts so that my mother will continue to visit.  I know they won’t let her on the plane with it – and it wouldn’t last even if they did.  I think her next visit is contingent upon finding just the right one.


Since I’m talking about Turkey Hill here (it’s a coincidence, I swear), they have ice cream announcementsDuettoChocowCoconutVenice.

Duetto is the  gelati-inspired combination of soft serve ice cream from Turkey Hill Dairy of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The new Duetto flavors, Root Beer Float Duetto and Limited Edition Chocolate Coconut, will join favorites Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry and Mango.


The fat-free Turkey Hill Frozen Yogurt Smoothie a blend of frozenyogurt and Venice Premium Ice (an ingredient similar to Italian ice), was created in 2005 as a lower-calorie, fat-free indulgence for health-minded frozen dessert lovers. The flavors for this collection include:  Pomegranate Blueberry & Cream with Açai, Green Tea Mango, Orange Cream Swirl and Raspberry Lemonade.


The Light Recipe line, contain at least 18% fewer calories and 50% less fat than Turkey Hill premium ice cream. The new Light Recipe flavors are  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Banana Split.


The Dairy hopes the Venice Premium Ice line will provide a non-dairy treat for consumers with stricter dietary concerns and those who are just looking for a new indulgence. The new Venice Premium Ice line will feature the bold, fruit-flavored ice in Raspberry, Mango, Lemon & Cherry, and Pomegranate Blueberry with Açaí flavors.

Not Fat Free, Sugar Free, but maybe you can find something to satisfy your ice cream cravings.

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    Erin Rebecca Chase on June 21, 2010 at 7:54 am

    Yes my name is Miss: Erin Rebecca Chase what flavors of soft serve ice creams do
    you have can you tell me please? I need to know soo much so that way I will have the ingredients to each one to make the receipe in my soft serve ice cream maker machine. Can you do this for me please? Signature’s Name: Miss: Erin Rebecca Chase. My Email Address: How around dark orange pineapple with the vanilla in it and cherry vanilla soft serve white mint chocolate chip soft serve coffee and soft serve black raspBerry Ice Cream Frozen Pudding Bubble Gum that stuff? Mailing Address: 758 Main Street. East Main Street. House #: 758 Acushnet, MASSACHUSETTS. 02743-1100. (508) 997-1893. USA Thank you soo much please contact me at all times if you have any following additional questions name of the person to call is Erin Chase. Thanks soo much for all of your help tonight I need it soo much tons. Thanks alot bye bye happy fathers day.

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