Olde Dutch Restaurant – Logan, OH

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After dropping my son off at his college, my husband and I needed a dinner break on the way home.  I didn’t want fast food, I wanted a few moments to eat and relax with the guy who is going to be  sitting across from me for most of our meals from now on.  There’s an exit in Logan that has some restaurants, but though we’ve been to the exit before, this is the first time we ventured to Olde Dutch Restaurant.  We figured it would be Amish style food, and though I also figured it had the dreaded buffet, I though I might be able to order off a menu too.  I am not a fan of buffets.  Mass quantities of food sitting around doesn’t thrill me.  Most buffets have questionable quality food.  This place is better than those places though, we were pleasantly surprised.

We arrived a half hour before closing and were welcomed with a smile.  The place wasn’t super busy, probably because it was a work night and late at that.  You walk in the restaurant through the gift shop, and are escorted back , where they put us at a table overlooking the petting zoo next door with their European Deer.  As we walked to our seat, we glanced at the buffet we knew would be there.  We really looked, because the food looked scrumptious – a half hour before closing on a weeknight and the food looked fresh, so fresh, they were refilling some of the bins.

As we sat down, our server took our drink orders and let us know that if we wanted the buffet, we could go and start, and if we wanted to look at the menu that she would take our order when she came back with our drinks.  No pressure.  I don’t love going to places that have a buffet and they give you the look that makes you wonder if someone will spit in your food because you want a special order.  We decided to go with the buffet because the food look so great.  I’m not a fan of buffets, but this one was perfect.

There is warm soup – it was navy bean though on such a warm day, neither of us wanted soup.  The salad bar had a lot of different items, lots of fresh cut vegetables and the other salad bar regulars.  Amish style chicken and noodles, a regular at the buffets was very good, not thick and gooey, but my favorite side dish was the sweet potatoes.  The sweet potato casserole tasted like the real thing, freshly made.  It had a crunchy brown sugar topping that was good, but I didn’t need the topping, I loved the dish as it was.  Some of the vegetables, like the green beans and the mixed veggies looked uninspired, but I had the sweet potatoes, so I wasn’t worried.  My husband ate two plates of mashed potatoes, real mashed potatoes.   There were two types of chicken, fried and broasted, both were delicious.  I liked the broasted better, my husband preferred the fried.  There was also ham, and pork and for the really adventurous – chicken livers.  Yeast rolls were the bread of the evening, they were the standard type you get around Thanksgiving.  We both drank the tea, and I usually sweeten mine, but it didn’t need it.  It’s probably the best brewed tea I’ve had in a restaurant, not bitter but cold and good.

There isn’t a dessert bar, but you can find pudding in the salad bar.  Pies are offered by the slice off the menu and would be great if you weren’t full.  We were full to the brim and though the pies looked mouth watering, we waddled back out through the gift shop to get to our car.   I recommend this restaurant as a nice alternative to McDonalds and Wendy’s.  We will probably visit it again when we travel to pick up or drop off our son at college.

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