Filippo Berio Olive Oil Giveaway

January 17, 2014 | by Diana

Filippo Berio Olive OilLast week, in our Food News, we told you about Filippo Berio’s Olive Oil Facebook Contest.  Filippo Bero US was looking for the best Olive Oil tips, tricks and suggested usage.  This week the voting on the best one is happening (It actually started Monday).  The winner gets a trip to Italy to enjoy Cooking classes.  I entered, but I didn’t make the top 5, which are presented on their Facebook page.

Filippo Berio US sent me a couple of bottles to try out and to giveaway, both were extra virgin olive oil and the one that makes me really happy is organic.  I am a regular user of of olive oil – and make my own dressing because I  can easily tailor it to the meal I’ve prepared without having to store 20 bottles on the fridge door.  In fact, one day this fall my kids did an oil swap – my son taught his sister to change the oil and my daughter taught her brother to make dressing.  One of them didn’t go well and resulted in spillage  but not the one in my kitchen.  (FYI- we caught it in a tarp no environmental damage done.)  Thank goodness making a salad dressing is easier than changing the oil in your car.

Olive oil is great for marinades, dressing, roasting, pestos, hummus, dips – hopefully we’ll get to see all of the tips at the end of the promotion. I’m going to share a recipe tomorrow with spaghetti squash that I made using the Filippo Berio Olive Oil.  It worked out well for me in the recipe, and I’ve used it to make a lime dressing for steak salad last week that was delicious.

Filippo Berio is offerring the same duo of Olive Oil to one of our Cookerati readers.  We’re going to use Rafflecopter once again to keep track of the entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: I received a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to review and to giveaway. My opinions are my own and the review is representative of how I feel. I thank Filippo Berio US for doing a giveaway on Cookerati.


Cookerati Food News Update – 2014 Vol 1

January 8, 2014 | by Diana

01/02/2014 –  Happy New Year.  I’m trying out a new format to update this page monthly.  The next update will be in the first week of February.  If you have any news updates send them to me to evaluate before the end of January.

This month brings you…


Consistency is the Goal for the New Year

January 1, 2014 | by Diana

Happy New Year!  I’m going to start the year off, by telling you about my last year and why my goal this year is to be consistent.

Last year, I decided to get back on the exercise bandwagon.  I wanted to get back into decent shape, but I’m not big on diets.  In fact, I am a hater when it comes to the diet word.  I’m a believer in moderation in everything.  Food should taste good, should sustain you and should not make you feel like you are starving, or denying yourself – that’s how I feel anyway.  I do not sit in judgement on food others are eating, I’m not going on the lecture circuit about what a person can or can not eat. Each person must decide for themselves along with their doctors what they can and can not do.  My husband is on a low sodium diet, and so my food sometimes centers around that, but it is our journey, and you can modify to suit your needs. We are in our 50s, and have lower caloric needs than someone who is more active or has a higher metabolism. So our goal is to be consistent in our food choices, based on our needs. (more…)

Roasted Beet, Carrot and Orzo Salad With Orange Dressing

December 30, 2013 | by Diana

At one family gathering, I brought a salad with beets.  My husband’s Aunt upon hearing there were beets in the salad asked if they tasted like dirt.  I responded that they had an earthy flavor, and she said, ” Well, they taste like dirt to me.”  Orange pairs well with beets, and helps to give the beets a less earthy flavor, as evidenced by my daughter’s statement when she tasted this year’s beet salad.  I handed her a plate and told her the beet salad was my offering.  She took a bite and said she liked it because, “it doesn’t have that really rustic flavor that beets sometimes have. ”

Roasted Beet, Carrot and Orzo Salad
Roasted Beet, Carrot and Orzo Salad


Pure Living by WearEver – A Cookerati Holiday Giveaway

December 23, 2013 | by Diana
Wearever Pure Living -

Wearever Pure Living Skillet –

Okay guys –  this season is really packed with lots of running around looking for the perfect gift for someone else.  This is my gift to a Cookerati reader.  Sometimes we’re the person who tries to figure out what everyone likes, but if you have a spouse like mine, no one wants to get you the stuff you want so you’re stuck living with the old pans.  This holiday season, I’m giving away a Pure Living Skillet by WearEver.


2013 Holiday Guide: Book Suggestions For Your Foodie Friends

December 22, 2013 | by Diana

There is still time to run into your favorite bookstore and pick up a nice book-related gift (or two) for your foodie friends and family, and this Holiday Guide contains a few book suggestions for your favorite foodie.  Some of these books are also in ebook form, if you want an extra for yourself. In fact a great gift for reading recipes is an Ipad Mini or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  My husband has the tablet – and uses apps to read kindle, nook and other eReader type books. It’s also perfect for taking photos of your food and for looking at photos, much better than a cellphone.  Enjoy!  I hope you get to experience a new recipe or foodie inspiring book to help you throughout the new year.  By the way – Amazon says the last time for overnight is Midnight Monday December 23rd, EST.

The following books were sent to me this year and these are the ones that I feel would make nice gifts:


Cookerati Holiday Gift Guide 2013

December 10, 2013 | by Diana

This is the official Cookerati Holiday Gift Guide for 2013.  These are things I’ve tried out that I like and most I’ve paid for or used extensively, some are repeats.  I’ll have a book guide in a few days, but these are things to look for now since we only have a couple of weeks left.

Yonanas – this was a review product and one of my fun gadgets that I tried out this year.  You freeze bananas or other fruit and put it through the Yonanas machine.  It smashes the bananas into a creamy consistency almost like banana ice cream.  No sugar or milk involved.  This is a great dorm gift, or fun gathering because you can grab a banana from the store or cafeteria, freeze it and have a quick late night snack – or even invite friends over and tell them to bring their own frozen fruit.  Also, pre-teens can make their own yonanas, as long as you have frozen fruit on hand. My mom, my kids, my husband and I all loved yonanas and we had fun trying different fruit in the yonanas machine.


30 Leftover Turkey Recipes

November 29, 2013 | by Diana

by Deborah Ng

Probably now you’re shopping and chopping in anticipation of Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day feast. 20 minutes after you set the food out to the table all your guest will be sipping wine or falling asleep on the couch while your table is left a shambles of turkey carcasses and large half-filled food bowls. You know you made too much food. In fact you probably did it on purpose because we all know the leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. So what are you going to do with all that leftover turkey?  Here are a 30 leftover turkey recipes to help you use it all up.



Leftover Turkey

30 Leftover Turkey Recipes

  1. Turkey Rice Bake
  2.  Turkey a la King
  3. Turkey Strata
  4. Turkey Pot Pie
  5. Leftover Turkey Sammich
  6. Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole
  7. Hot Turkey Salad
  8. Turkey Wing and Red Lentil Soup
  9. Turkey Cranberry Wreath
  10. Turkey & Stuffin’ Soup
  11. Turkey Cottage Pie
  12. Hot Turkey Casserole
  13. 12 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
  14. Turkey Pumpkin Panini or Turkey Pumpkin Wrap
  15. Tex-Mex Turkey Chili
  16. Turkey Tetrazzini
  17. Turkey Mushroom Wild Rice Soup
  18. Turkey Stuffing Hash For Breakfast
  19. Barbecue Turkey Sandwiches
  20. Biscuit Topped Turkey Pot Pie
  21. Thanksgiving Chili Rellenos With Chipotle Cranberry Sauce
  22. Hot Turkey and Cheddar Casserole
  23. Lespinasse Turkey Croquettes
  24. Smoked Turkey Jerky
  25. Turkey Ham Vegetable Hash
  26. Turkey Salad in Mango Chutney Mayo
  27. Thanksgiving Leftover Wontons with Cranberry Salsa
  28. Barbecue Turkey Loaf
  29. Hearty Turkey Vegetable Soup
  30. Turkey Tortilla Roll Ups
  31. Turkey Soup

Deb’s post about the leftover celebration that I like, so I’m linking here.

Updated Post – Originally posted by Deborah Ng in Nov 2008.  Updated by Diana Hayes November 2013

Turkey Soup – from your home made Turkey Broth

November 29, 2013 | by Diana

So you’ve cooked those turkey bones and created the wonderful Turkey Broth, now what.  Here’s a 30 minute (or less) recipe for one of those work or run out quick nights. The key to making it quick is to cut the pieces small enough that they will cook quickly, while at the same time a it needs to be a nice size tasty morsel in your mouth. You can swap out the veggies for ones you like better and customize it.  Crusty whole grain bread with some nice butter would go well with this.

Turkey Soup     Ingredients:


Heat Olive Oil in Pan.  Sauté Onions, garlic, turnips and carrot.  When they seem almost al dente, add the broth.  After the broth heats to a simmer, add in the turkey and potatoes. Throw in the herbs. When the potatoes are the correct texture it’s ready.

Easy Peasy, well it would be if there were peas.  You can add them if you like.


Citrusy Tequila Turkey

November 26, 2013 | by Diana



Thanksgiving is the big kahuna of family meals so when you invite your family or your in-laws to your Thanksgiving dinner, it had better be good.  I remember going to my sister-in-law’s and how they tormented her about whether her turkey would be dry.  I felt so bad for her, but she was used to it, growing up with 5 brothers who show no mercy.  In our family the women were the forced to be reckoned with, so the dynamic was more of encouragement.  Either way, it’s nerve wracking to try and come up with a dinner that everyone will be tasting, so I’m sharing an interesting twist on turkey using one of my favorite ingredients – Tequila.  This is a sweet citrusy turkey with a little tequila kick for your Thanksgiving Dinner. I hope your Thanksgiving dinner brings you a great family meal whether or not you have a Citrusy Tequila Turkey.  Feel free to pare down the ingredient amounts based on using a smaller turkey, since this recipe is for a huge one.


Tequila Turkey


Preheat over to 325 degrees F

Wash turkey well and pat dry then set turkey in roasting bag next set into roasting pan. Stuff cavity of the turkey with 1 lemon quartered, 1 orange quartered, 2 granny smith apples quartered, and 1 white onion quartered. Add Fresh sage and thyme bundle.Pour 1 cup of honey over the top of turkey, add salt and pepper to taste, and 2 teaspoons of garlic salt to the top of turkey. Cut 2 sticks of butter into half inch pieces and place around the bottom of the turkey in the bag. Inject one cup of Maestro DOBEL tequila into the turkey. Pour one cup of Maestro DOBEL tequila over the turkey in the roasting bag.

Place turkey in a roasting pan and bake for 5 hours

Easy Gravy-Strain the juices that have accumulated in the bag, skim off any fat, pour the turkey drippings into pan, add cup of flour and salt and pepper to taste. Stir on med. Heat until all the flour is mixed well.