Maine Food and Lifestyle

July 31, 2008 | by Diana

If you love Maine or if you’ve never been there, Maine Food and Lifestyle is worth a look.  This magazine is all about Maine, it’s food, it’s culture and it’s people.  There are plenty of recipes from Lobster, to deviled eggs to peach crisp.  There is an article about Barbara Ernst Prey a Maine artist, who also creates artistic dishes, with of course some recipes.  They highlight Freeport and it’s restaurants and cafes, describing their fare and even giving addresses, phone numbers and web sites. There are pieces on some very special food venues such as Massimo’s Cucina Italiana Restaurant in Bangor that serves Roman fare, and Schooner feasts which talks about Galley Cooking on a Windjammer.


Delaware North’s Tantalizing Cookbooks

July 30, 2008 | by Diana

   I received some cookbooks from Delaware North.  Delaware North is "one of the nation’s leading food, beverage and retail management companies, providing concessions, gourmet catering and fine dining operations at more than 50 professional sporting venues, entertainment complexes and convention centers across the United States and Canada.  "

When I read that, I wasn’t sure about this cookbook.  I wasn’t sure how it would fit Cookerati.  I thought it would be more coffee table book than interesting dining and cooking.  Well, they are coffee table like, but really they were impressive cook books.  They would make a great gift because the presentation in the book is beautiful, but also the recipes range from simple to  more intricate and anyone would be able to enjoy it.


Unexpected garlic

July 27, 2008 | by Robin


Like many people, I’m always on the lookout for food with health benefits.  And, like many more people, I absolutely love love love garlic and put it in practically everything I make.  So I was delighted to find out that not only does it ward off vampires, but it is good for you too.


Food News: Gluten-Free Educational NFCA Webinar – Tuesday, August 5th

July 25, 2008 | by Diana

Aug. 5 educational webinar to detail how upcoming federal rulings will impact gluten-free consumers and manufacturers around the world.  The NFCA has lined up a panel of experts to comment on the effects the rulings will have upon gluten-free product manufacturers, restaurateurs and consumers. The FDA us expected to hand down its rulings on Aug. 2nd, and the webinar will include content that details and explains the rulings and the effects they will have on this growing population.  Gluten-Free Webinar


Lloyd’s Barbecue has a Picnic Anytime Toolkit for download.Picnic Anytime


Boston Market lowers food prices and introduces a barbecue line. 

While food and gas prices continue to increase, Boston Market today is lowering the price of its five value meal-size deals from $5.99 to $4.99.


Quick Snacks to Stave Off Hunger

July 25, 2008 | by Diana

My kids are very active sports, band, friends, chores, life, school, etc.  Sometimes in between activities, they are hungry, but it’s not mealtime yet, so they make do.

Here are some things they make or have to tide them over:

I rarely keep  cookies, or chips, (although my husband does want chips for salsa when he can get it) or soda in the house, so those aren’t readily available.  If you only keep the healthier snacks around, that’s what they will grab. 

Popcorn, the whole grain snack food

July 24, 2008 | by Diana

My teens eat popcorn quite a bit especially my son.  He pops it right in the microwave in a bag.  I also have a popper I can stick into the microwave, plus you can make it the old fashioned way with a pot coated with oil on the bottom and in college, I used a hot air popper.  Sometimes the fun is in the popping process but the healthiest way to prepare popcorn is the hot air method because it has the least amount of calories and fat. Don’t tell the kids though, that popcorn qualifies as a whole grain product that is good for you (without a lot of butter or salt). Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel — the bran, germ, and endosperm.   To read more about how Popcorn satisfies the criterium for a whole grain in your diet, please visit



Lifeway’s Probugs & Kefir Products

July 23, 2008 | by Diana

ProBug_Lime For Healthy Snacks week, I’d like to introduce you to Probugs kids drinks and Kefir products.  Probugs is a drink for kids, that has the consistency of yogurt drinks, with natural fruit flavoring.  Even though my kids are older, they tried the Probugs drinks, enjoyed them, and went back for more.  They said the blueberry, had a slightly sour blueberry taste like you had real blueberries in it, not the fake blueberry taste.  The drinks came in individual pouches with a no spill spout kids could drink in the car or for a snack.  My kids had to try squeezing to see if they could get it to spurt (they’re teenagers, what do you want?) and while they could, it was much easier to control and didn’t cause a big mess like holding a juice box often does.  The pro bugs name stands for the probiotics contained in the kefir based drink.


Deb’s Fruity Yogurt Smoothie

July 23, 2008 | by Deb Ng

 Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

Many mornings, I make a fruit yogurt smoothie and sip that while I have breakfast. My son also enjoys it for a snack. What I like about this smoothie is that it has plenty of calcium and a couple of servings of fruit. Plus you can use any fruit you want – to make it your own. Here’s how I make it:

Combine all the ingredients in the blender and let it whirl. In the summer, I like to use fat free frozen yogurt or ice cream as it makes a great, healthy cold treat. I’ll also use a more kid friendly brand of yogurt for my son’s smoothie – though he likes mine too. In mine, I might also add some oat bran for a little fiber – and to keep me full throughout the morning.

Image via stock.xchnge

Yummy Earth Organic Candy

July 22, 2008 | by Deb Ng

 Yummy Earth Organic Candy

Not too many candies can be considered healthy snacks but Yummy Earth Organic Candy comes pretty darn close. These pops and drops are gluten free and filled with lots of good ingredients. And the flavors!  Super Sour Pops, Wild Peppermint, Pomegranate Pucker, Citrus Grove Vitamin C Drops, Freshest Fruit, Ginger Zest, Hot Chili Pops and more – and with names like that you know your tastebuds do a happy dance when you place one of these puppies into your mouth.

We received a generous case of candy from the good folks at Yummy Earth and my family has been enjoying trying the different types. It’s not like your usual run of the mill supermarket candy. You can really taste the fruity goodness and the flavors and colors just pop.

Though Yummy Earth is only about 20 months old, their organic candies are found all around the globe now. Find them in the U.S. at Whole Foods, Linens ‘N Things, Party City and more. You won’t be disappointed.

Healthy Snack Week: 5 Tips to Getting Kids to Snack Healthy

July 21, 2008 | by Deb Ng

 Peaches - Kids’ Healthy Snacks

We lucked out. Our son eats his fruits and vegetables and never fights with us about eating healthy. He loves fish, eats whole grain or wheat bread and doesn’t like melted cheese all over everything. I’ll stop there, I know there’s a lot of eye rolling going on. No kid is perfect, right? True – and believe me when I tell you ours has his kidzilla moments. When it comes to eating though, we’re pretty pleased.

Here are a few things we did which we believe helped our son develop good habits early on:

1. Get the  kids involved in the meal planning and food cooking process. My son has been helping me cook and bake since he was two. I read that kids who develop an early interest in food and how it works, and who help with the meals, are more likely to eat what’s on their plate. At first “Helping” was mixing or playing with some dough on his high chair or cutting out cookies, but soon he was mixing and rolling. Now, at 6, our son chooses Saturday’s dinner menu. He goes to the store, picks out the ingredients and helps with the cooking. He even goes to camp at the Children’s Chef Academy.