Serious About Reusable Bags For My Groceries & Nature Bags

Written by Diana - April 23, 2010 2 Comments

Reusable bags are not just one of the easiest ways to go green, it just makes so much sense.  Some hater who commented on another site derided those who believe that reusable are a good idea, saying they’re unsanitary and that plastic and paper are biodegradable.  Then she said “If you really care, do things because you care. Not because some ******* told you totes are the answer to all our prayers.”  Truthfully, I do make mistakes and forget my bags.  Sometimes I just tell them to put them into the cart and I’ll bag them later and I also go with paper, but I believe in reusables.  Every day as I pass of the growing garbage dump right before my exit, I think of reusables.  When I see the bags stuck to the fence surrounding it, or when I see my sister in law stick her grocery bags straight into the garbage can as soon as she empties them, I know I’m helping.  I also think that we live in such a world of convenience that we don’t do little things that might a few extra seconds.

Now, I know some are collectors of nice reusable bags.  I’m not a collector, I’m a user.  I use all of my bags for groceries, hardware stores, pet food stores, retail stores.  I have all different kinds, though.  Some I think are prettier than others, some more functional for milk and others for carrying boots when we travel in the winter.  They are washable and reusable and responsible.

I hope I haven’t over talked it, or sounded like a lecture, but I am passionate about them.

For those of you looking for a cool reusable, one that is very natural, and a good environmental choice, there’s one appropriately called Nature Bag, because it’s made from jungle vine.  The Nature bag is actually part of a Humanitarian effort.  Those in Laos that make the bags from jungle vine still live hand to mouth hunting and gathering in the forests, most having no or very little income. The people of the village strip the green from the vine leaving woody threads.  These are used to knit (kind of) into bags.  The bags are strong, sturdy and very nice looking.

What Are Nature Bags Made From?
Wild-growing, organic tropical Kudzu or now called Jungle Vine™ is used to make the Nature Bag fabric. It is a naturally growing, hearty perennial vine with a deep spreading root that grows quickly during the rainy season and can be found in various parts and higher elevations in Southeast Asia. Jungle Vine™ cord is lightweight but nearly impossible to break, is biodegradable and virtually mold resistant.

I think this will make a great Farm Market Bag.  When you are done, you can bury it so it can decompose naturally.

Disclosure: A Nature Bag was provided to me for this review. The opinions are my own.

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2 Outstanding Responses to "Serious About Reusable Bags For My Groceries & Nature Bags"

    Christine Weithman on April 23, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    I get so mad at myself when I forget my bags or when someone in the family removes them from either of the cars. Now, if I forget the re-usable bag and I have just 1 or 2 items I don’t take a plastic bag unless the store insists. Earth day news had some great data on how many plastic bags are used in the US and how simple methods to decrease utilzation would save energy for our planet. There are now garbage dumps in all oceans, not just the big one in the pacific. We need to train our sevles differently. ‘m looking forward to checking out the nature bag. Thanks for the tip

    Jennifer on April 27, 2010 at 7:56 am

    Never heard of nature bags – I’ll have to check them out. Being a greenie, we had not brought a plastic bag into the house for literally 3-4 years, then I moved in with my boyfriend and his daughters (not so green as Cedar and me) – here came the plastic bags. OMG it was so frustrating. It’s easy to forget how hard it can be to remember reusable when you’ve been using them so long. Back when we started, yeah we did forget though. SO I tried to stay calm and hung a note on the front door, “Don’t forget your reusable bags!” and now Dave and the girls remember. We’re back to zero store bags in the house and I can breathe better. Also, for those really having issues there’s a cool bag set from bagnesia that has a door note PLUS a cool steering wheel message deal.

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