Spice Depot Gift Suggestions for Foodies

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Spice Depot has a slide show on their website with suggestions for presents for your foodie friends.  You can find most of these items at your grocery store.  I thought these were good suggestions.  I like the Spice Depot Grinders they’re better than the store brand.  I bought a store brand the other day of the Garlic Pepper and was disappointed, it had salt and some other things in it unlike the Spice Depot Grinder.  Be sure to read your labels to make sure you are getting what you want. If you talk to my husband and kids, you would find that I like gifts that I can use, so these gift suggestions would be great for me. 

Ferraro’s advice this holiday season is to “Customize your spice grinder purchases and pair them with creative and inexpensive add-ons to suit each recipient – maybe pair our Spicy Sea Salt with a DVD and small package of microwave popcorn for the babysitter, or tuck our Salad Seasoning, cotton garden gloves and a packet of lettuce seeds into a tiny terra-cotta pot.  What gardener wouldn’t love that? Singles love a trio of Salad Seasoning, JoJo Potato and Spicy Sea Salt – and for less than $10 for the set of three, you’ll be much-loved and happy.”

“My potato-crazy friends can’t wait for their plain brown paper bag filled with nugget potatoes and topped with a bottle of  JoJo Potato Seasoning.  They know it’s coming but still they laugh like crazy and deliver a smile worth hundred-fold the cost of the gift.   It’s not the cost that counts with gift giving, it’s the thought we put into it.  Building spicy little bundles to suit individual personalities is fun, inexpensive and very thoughtful.”  And, with the economic situation looking somewhat less than festive for so many this holiday season, creativity is at a premium.

Spice Depot sent their stylist out shopping, with limited cash and a long gift list.  She made just one trip to the mall and came back with dozens of fabulous DIY gift ideas under $10, plus a few under $20.  To view the complete slide show visit Spice Depot Videos & Podcasts and click on the DIY channel.

DIY Gift Ideas Under $10

(links to high-res images and details)

JoJo To Go #1 – in a series of five DIY gift ideas for Potato Lovers 

JoJo To Go #2 JoJo To Go #3 JoJo To Go #4 JoJo To Go #5

Visit Where to Buy to find the nearest listing retailer.  Try all 12 grinder blends:

Salad Seasoning Garlic Pepper Seafood Seasoning

Hot & Spicy Spicy Chicken Smokey Rib

BBQ Burger New York Steak Spicy Sea Salt

JoJo Potato Coarse Sea Salt Black Peppercorns

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