SunRidge Farms Snacks – Great Treats for the Track Meet

Written by Diana - April 3, 2009 3 Comments

Yogurt Pretzels - SunRidge FarmsWe have track meets to go to in the spring, and they are long.  Longer than a lot of other sports.  Longer than Baseball, and Basketball and if your son is a sprinter, longer than Football.  Our son is usually in one of the first races and then the very last, no one’s left to cheer, but the most exciting race the 4 X 400 relay. What does that mean for dinner time – cold hot dogs and hamburgers, unless you bring something from home.  Here’s a suggestion – Organic and Natural SunRidge Farm Snacks.  I brought them to the last track meet and they were good.  My son can’t eat the Omega 3 Men’s Energy Mix or the Trail Mix, because of his braces.  Poor boy has more brackets across his teeth than the normal teen.  My husband doesn’t have braces, and he didn’t hold back.  I got a little bit, but when I went back for more it was gone.  My husband loves seeds, nuts, and dried fruit.

Omega 3 Men's Energy Mix The Omega 3 Energy Mix is a nut, chocolate,and dried fruit mix that is especially formulated for men.  It contains Zinc, Lycopene and Omega 3’s for good prostate and heart health. The package was packed with nuts (and not a lot of cashews) yogurt raisins and chocolate raisins, plus dried cherries, papaya, pineapple and pine nuts.

 SunRidge Farms Hit the Trail Mix

The Trail mix was full of seeds, nuts and raisins.  We used to make up our own trail mix to go hiking with, but this would be a really good one to pick up to go, or to bring to the track meet.  Actually, we did take it to the meet, and it didn’t make it out, it was gone. Sunridge Farms is quality stuff. 


Frosted Star Cookies- RaspberryMy son had no problem devouring the yogurt pretzels.  They were delicious too, but my favorite was the star cookies.  They were tasty cookies all-natural and real vanilla cookies, available in frosted raspberry, cinnamon, chocolate, peanut butter and mixed varieties. I had the mixed variety but I don’t know if I could pick my favorite among the different flavors maybe the raspberry, or the cinnamon, or the chocolate or even the peanut butter – okay well I can’t choose.  I ate most of it by myself and sheepishly handed over the last 3 cookies when my husband and his glass of milk came hunting for the bag.   Oops.



So the next time you are looking around trying to decide what to pack in the bag to munch while you are at the track meet, or the baseball game, or the swim meet, or on a hike, or a walk, go to the Organic section and look up SunRidge Farms Snacks.  You will feel a lot better about the munching you do. You might need to look at Whole Foods, or a Natural Foods Market, try the locator to figure out where to go.  Of course you can always shop online and stock up.


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3 Outstanding Responses to "SunRidge Farms Snacks – Great Treats for the Track Meet"

    Natasha - 5 Star Foodie on April 3, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    my daughter would love those snacks and especially yogurt pretzels!

    zerrin on April 3, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    I love all kinds of nuts, raisins and even their mixture. We always have some in our kitchen’s drawer. But never tried yogurt pretzels, you made me so curious now.

    Leah on April 4, 2009 at 3:28 am

    You’ve redesigned your site…I love it! Great job! I’m laughing at the similarities between our families. We have 3 sons participating in track at the moment (all in different events thankfully). That means we usually have something to watch (other than the clock). We’re all too familiar with those long stretches of time between events from the time when only one of the boys was doing track. Isn’t it amazing how dinners on track night always end up being take-out (from the freezer or a fast-food joint). No matter how I try to plan ahead, I usually can’t get it right. Those snack suggestions sound good (though we also have one with “grills” that is limited with what he can munch on). I used to have a thing for yogurt-covered almonds but can’t find them anymore. Maybe I’ll give those pretzels a try!

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