Top 15 Food Fails

Written by Deb Ng - July 24, 2010 7 Comments

Food is a pleasure. Though it’s something to be enjoyed, it’s also to provide sustenance and nutrition for our bodies. Some foods don’t quite make the cut either way. It’s one thing if a food that is bad for you tastes really, really good. It’s quite another story when the food is bad and one bite can land you in the hospital.

Behold: Cookerati’s Top 15 Food Fails

1. Velveeta

There’s a reason it melts better than cheddar, though we wouldn’t exactly tout that as a selling point. This over-processed,  greasy alternative to American cheeses is almost inedible, but it’s cheap and it melts and for some that’s all that counts.

2. Cheese that doesn’t need refrigeration

There’s a reason you find most cheeses in the refrigerated dairy aisle. If it’s not somewhere cold, ask yourself why -but whatever you do, don’t read the label if you have a bad heart.

3. Items with the word “product” or “food” next to them

The picture says it all, doesn’t it? Mmm….yummy.

4. Supermarket Cooking Wine

If you can’t drink it, don’t cook with it.

5. Fast food salads

Never mind that fast food salads are just as fattening as most regular fast food entrees. Most of these salads are suffering from a lack of creativity. Wilted, lettuce, some cherry tomatoes and some hunks of breaded chicken. Voila! Fast food salad

6. Frozen Pizza

No. It doesn’t taste like delivery, even with bread sticks.

7. Special Sauce

If you can’t identify it, or the restaurant won’t identify it, don’t eat it.

8. Canned Pasta

Sodium, sugar and fat in a can. Let’s encourage our kids to eat this for lunch each day.

9. Supersizing

We should all do our part in eliminating obesity. But first, would you like fries with that?

9. Stuff that has no business being deep fried

Artery clogging goodness.

10. Pork Rinds

Crackling, deep fried bits of swine. What else needs to be said?

11. Airline Food

Image via

Makes it so tempting to fly coach, doesn’t it?*

12. Spam

Sometimes there’s no need for words.

13. Fast food ribs

Food that’s best slow cooked doesn’t translate well to “fast.”

14. Salad Dressing

Let’s lose weight by dressing our salad with something really fattening.

15. Boxed Wine

Party in a box.

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7 Outstanding Responses to "Top 15 Food Fails"

    Andrea (Off Her Cork) on July 24, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    I think fast food salads are still better than getting a burger or whatever though. Most calories and fat from those salads that are counted on the nutritionals include the entire packet of dressing that they give you and usually it’s ranch or honey mustard. Remove the meat (chicken, bacon, whatever), use a normal amount of dressing instead of 1/2C and the salad isn’t horrible. :) I’m not advocating fast food as a choice though! But if McD’s is your only option for whatever reason, a salad is the better choice. IMO 😀

    Genesis (Gourmet Mama) on July 24, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Hmm, I agree these are food fails, but . . . well, let’s just say if someone offered me deepfried Twinkies, I would not be saying no. 😀 And airline food is almost a moot point now, most airlines don’t feed you anymore!

    Dawn on July 25, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    I agree with all points except the wine. Several wine experts now are touting the benefits of wine in a box, and many pretty decent wines come in a box. Here’s one article I dug up.

    Environmentalists say that a box is the “greenest” way to transport, sell and consume wine. And it’s convenient.

    Sure, I love a pricey glass of well-aged Pinot Noir, but for summer gatherings or a nightly drink with dinner, I have nothing against Pinot Grigio or White Zin — in a box!

    Thanks for the giggles with this article!

    zerrin on July 26, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Thank you Diana for this list. I prefer not using canned or frozen food as I know they don’t taste the same as the homemade ones. If something is faster, I question it. And thank you for reminding us to read the labels. By the way, I love the new look of your blog.

    Diana on July 27, 2010 at 8:54 am

    @Zerrin – Deb – is my sister and partner and she wrote the Top 15 Food Fails. Mostly she’s silent because she’s very busy and does the admin, but I’m thrilled when she does post.

    As to the top 15 fails, I think I’d have to try some of those boxed wines. Like @Dawn I’ve been hearing good things, and I don’t think it’s the same wine my dad used for his parties, but I have to agree with the velveeta. Cheese food is not my thing.

    I love the new look of the blog too, and thank you for joining in the conversation.

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