Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Foodie

Written by Diana - February 13, 2011 3 Comments

I know it’s very close and you haven’t decided what to do for your favorite foodie (or if you are very organized maybe you have) on Valentine’s Day.  I’ll give you some of my favorite foodie suggestions but I’m not a big believer in bling or expensive for that day.  Valentines Day is a nice time to say,” You’re my sweetheart and I love you”, not ” I spent all my money for a Hallmark holiday and now we need to dumpster dive for food for the rest of the month.”  Here are are few not too expensive ideas to get you through the holiday without going broke.

Search for the Valentines Dinner Deals – Restaurants have dinner deals for Valentines day where you can get two meals for one set price along with appetizer, salad and dessert.  I have seen two meals for 50.oo near here, which is a decent date night dinner.  Okay, so Valentines Day is on a Monday and you have to get home to let the dog out before you go anywhere.  By that time, you don’t care about going out.  Pre-Order your dinner to go at a nicer restaurant, pick it up and then  while it’s reheating, set a nice place setting and candle light.  I like this better than a restaurant because you can get mushy without an audience – unless the dog’s watching (or the kids).  If you want to make your own special meal, do it tomorrow night if you work on Monday – and then there’s always the crockpot.

Flowers are cool and look beautiful on the table, but if you take too much of a hit on them, there goes dinner.  My husband bought me a pot of tulips that I can plant outside when the weather turns nicer and I can enjoy them again the next spring.  I buy my mom flowers from Organic Bouquet for her birthday because I’ve read about all the pesticides used in those rose places that the workers are breathing in.  Plus they’re usually fair trade certified and if you order now, you can get a dozen free on some of the roses.

Think fair trade for your chocolates.  I buy my kids organic fair trade chocolate bars for Valentines Day.  They don’t care about the packaging as much as the taste.  My favorite Organic Chocolate bars are Newman’s and Green and Black.  Green and Black’s Milk Chocolate is a little sweeter so I like Newman’s more, but Green and Black has a toffee chip bar that is really tasty.

For Christmas, I sent my husband to Pure Imagination Chocolatier for my handmade chocolate truffles.  He came back with an assortment that was so delicious.  My favorite was the Appletini Heart – whoa.  Of course if you buy the large box, that might blow the Valentines Day allotment (I did get the large box for Christmas).  It’s worth it to find a few favorites.  I recommend finding a local chocolatier of your own and finding a few special treats.

Buy a Foodie Movie – Julie & Julia , Chocolat , No Reservations , Bottle Shock… I bought my husband action adventure because he’s not a foodie, but if we hadn’t already viewed these movies, they would be great gifts.  Movies are good because you put it out there that you want to spend the evening snuggling with a bottle of wine, a good movie, and there won’t be any gaming that night, just the two of you.

Buy a Foodie Book – Not a cookbook, unless it’s The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook
(look it up) – or something similar, to let your favorite person know you want to whip up some sexy recipes.  A Foodie Mystery is a great gift for me, especially if it means I get to relax with my husband and take a break from all the chores.  The latest foodie mystery I read was Buffalo West Wing (A White House Chef Mystery) – I’m reviewing in a few days but it’s a keeper.  Some of my other favorite foodie authors – Diane Mott Davidson and Susan Wittig Albert.  All of these authors do include recipes from the story in their novels which make them even more fun.

Wine – I reviewed some wine blends that were really tasty.  Visiting a Winery or Vineyard for a tour or tasting is a cool thing to do for Valentines day.  You can set up your own wine and chocolate tasting – or fruit and cheese with wine pairs well too.

The best thing to give on Valentines Day is time.  Stop playing online games, or reading blogs, or cleaning the laundry.  Just a relaxing evening that the two of you share.  It’s difficult sometimes to force yourself to stop and enjoy, not grab the gift and go, but really Valentines Day isn’t about gifting, it’s about togetherness.  So enjoy.

What are your favorite suggestions for Valentine’s Day?

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